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Metadate ER 20mg

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    As Peggy Hill says, “Ho boy!”

    Um. So, I failed Strattera because of the Horrible Evil Hot Acid Bubbles.

    Next, I went back to my PA-C, who has an *incredible* fashion sense and gorgeous smile and is also a really good physician(‘s assistant). She gave me a prescription for Metadate ER 10mg. She asked me if I’d ever heard of it, and I said no, but I’m finding that it is a form of Ritalin?….or Concerta….or…???? is that true? Is it all kind of the same thing, with some slight differences?

    Anyway, I take it to my pharmacy, ask them how much it’s going to cost before they fill it (I paid $40 for the Strattera, didn’t ask for samples like a dummy, or get a coupon like a bigger dummy), and they said it will be $193.00 because my insurance doesn’t cover it!

    So, dejected, I go home, call my insurance. They say it IS covered, that my pharamacy ran Metadate CD, not Metadate ER.

    I go back up to the pharmacy, they say that they don’t have Metadate ER in 10mg, that it’s only available in 20 mg (then why did my PA-C prescribe 10mg???)….so I call the doctor….

    ……and then they call me back, and say that my PA-C says 20 mg will be fine, to come pick up the prescription for that dosage.

    Which I did, and took to my pharamacist, and now I am waiting for them to order it….


    So, questions, one of which I already asked…

    what is this Metadate ER stuff? Is it a cousin of Ritalin?

    Is 10 mg and 20 mg a big difference? Is that a big leap? Is it, for example, going to increase the likelihood that I will experience side effects.

    Any other inside info/experience/advice I could get would be great!

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