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Methylphenidate – effects when combined with…

Methylphenidate – effects when combined with…2015-12-10T07:48:16+00:00

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    Hello there,

    I suppose this post could be put in the Ritalin category, but I’m not sure. Besides, these questions may have been answered elsewhere (if so and you can redirect me to the answers it will be appreciated)

    I’ve been prescribed Rilatine (which is the European name for Ritalin I guess) Modified Release -20mg) a few months back and I’ve seen improvements in concentration and I was responding well to it, no particular side effects, except a minor decrease in appetite at times and getting quite restless if I ate or drank caffeine-based food and drinks.

    Two months ago, on my initiative, I’ve stopped taking my meds, just to check if I could still keep some newly established and helpful organisational habits without the help of my Rilatine and I must admit I wasn’t. I was constantly drifting (again) and I had two (albeit minor) car accidents in 2 weeks.

    So I decided to get back on meds.

    However the first day was kind of hellish. I’ve felt a very dizzy, but at the same time really energized, actually very very restless.

    I did not take in any coffee or chocolate (as I would do otherwise), only a ginseng tea, which might have been the reason of this hyper-charge.

    I remeber also reading that orange juice is not indicated if you are on Methylphenidate so my quetion is…

    Are there food or drinks known for being not-so-good in combination with Methylphenidate?

    I suppose this really changes from person to person, but I’d like to know whether I should put a “red mark” on particular foods or ingredients.


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