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Methylphenidate er vs methylphenidate

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    My son was just prescribed 10 mg methylphenidate to help get through homework. He currently takes methylphenidate er 36 and it has worked really well. Today when he took the 10mg he started bouncing off the walls. Is it possible to have a different reaction to the same medication? Thanks!


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    Well one shouldn’t have a different reaction to the same med. It sounds more like a dose issue. Perhaps he took the 10mg too soon? Or maybe he’d had a can of coke with it? Caffeine and methylphenidate doesn’t mix very well.

    Guess you could see what happens next time. It might be that the dose was more than he’s used to in one go – I am not sure what the 36mg er is in reality – I think each release is less than10mg equivalent of fast release but would need to look that up to check – I am just thinking out loud so don’t trust what I am saying at all!

    Maybe try him on 5mg of the additional methylphenidate instead and see if it works. I find that my last dose of the day can be a lower dose than the first one for the same beneficial effect.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)