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More junk "science" from Dr. Oz

More junk "science" from Dr. Oz2013-03-02T08:43:18+00:00

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    Patte Rosebank
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    “Why ADHD Is On The Rise” 


    At least this article mentions the possibility that the apparent rise in cases of ADHD may be due to an increase in diagnoses, rather than an actual increase in the number of people who have it.  But that’s just one sentence, in passing.

    The rest of the article just goes on to recycle the usual nonsense about environmental triggers, and tells you NOT TO TOUCH PAPER RECEIPTS, BECAUSE THEY’RE LOADED WITH BPA/BPS!  And it tells you to avoid plastic bottles, prepared foods, trans/saturated fats, sugar/sugar syrups—and to be sure to get enough exercise & Vitamin D.

    This is a syndicated article, by “The YouDocs”.  And just who are these “YouDocs”?  Why, Mike Roizen and DR. OZ!  Dr. Oz has a TV show, so you KNOW he knows what he’s talking about!  (Yeah, right…)


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    I can’t remember where I read it, but I found out that it’s a good idea for us to avoid our shadow as well. Apparently those of us that have been “afraid of our own shadow” have been right after all, for all these years. You too should now be afraid of your own shadow.

    It knows…

    In San Fransisco they’ve banned plastic bags. I actually agree with this new law because many of the plastic bags people use end us as “urban tumbleweeds”. Ever been driving through a would be beautiful vacant lot?, or maybe the beginnings of the country on the outskirts of your town, where we go to enjoy mother nature, only to see plastic bags clinging to various bushes and real tumbleweeds?.

    Or better yet on a windy day you might not see real tumbleweeds. (unless you’re near the desert) But there’s a good chance that anywhere you live these days. You’ll see an empty plastic bag bouncing along in the breeze…

    So yep. I think it’s a good idea to ban urban tumbleweeds (plastic bags). A paper bag can be re-used a few times, then used the last time for a garbage bag. And they’re biodegradable. If we could just start recycling all the tons and tons and tons of junk mail we get. We would probably not have to cut down so many trees for the grocery bags. Heck, I got solutions to all kinds of problems. DGMS

    It’s the superfast, traveling and a million miles per second ADHD brain at work.

    I’m grateful this community helped me to see how much I should be valueing my ADD brain, even if I still don’t use it all that well.

    I’ve made some serious progress. Progress is much better, mostly it’s just more reasonable and possible. Than perfection. Human perfection does not exist. I’ve met a few women who seemed to be perfect, but that was before they started talking!. lol. Only kidding ladies. It’s true for us men too. If we talk, we’re lying!… haha. Just a joke for crying out loud!.

    I wouldn’t lie to ya.


    P.S. I was kidding about the shadow, like I do almost every time I talk.


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    Just read that article too and was absolutely stunned by the nonsense. The fact that it appears in such a prominent paper as the Toronto Star makes it all the worse.


    Patte Rosebank
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    @Bibliophile, not only does it appear there, but when you arrive on the Star’s homepage, it’s in the “Must Read/Most Popular” list on there!

    The Star shouldn’t even be carrying that syndicated “YouDocs” column.  It’s so full of drek and questionable “facts”, that it’s a much better fit for the National Enquirer.



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    I am doing my taxes right now and I am positively stoned on the fumes from the receipts. I’m living on pizza and drinking pop from a plastic bottle to keep hydrated during this tax vigil, and haven’t left this office chair or seen the sun in days.

    OMG! I figured it out! Taxes cause ADHD!!!


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