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    I was just recently diagnosed with ADD a few months ago, it started actually with Migraines.

    I had been having really bad Migraine headaches for quite some time, had gone to see my doctor, who agreed that an MRI would be a good idea to diagnose the headaches. So i went and had that done, and had started doing some research on symptoms of brain damage and related conditions.

    So, I had been checking off all the symptoms that I could match from a list and my experiences. The results came back negative, WOO HOO, but I still wasn’t quite convinced that there wasn’t something wrong, and continued looking, which led me to ADD.

    As I researched ADD, it all started making sense, my cluttered house and car, anger outbursts at my dog, forgotten bills, washing the same load of clothes 6 times in a row, because I kept forgetting to put them in the dryer, lol, etc……

    So, I went and told my doctor about what I was experiencing, and was promptly started on Adderall.

    So far it has been slow going, I have put a few bills on automatic payment, which has helped a lot, I am still working on getting a system in place that works, so I can keep my house better organized.

    I live by myself right now, so I don’t have any complications with a spouse, though I have had a few recent “bumps in the road” with my parents. Recently I had gotten mad at them a couple of times over something that was said, which led to them wanting me to stop medication, in fear that I was becoming aggressive, in which case I reminded them that both times I had forgotten to take my medication.

    So, These first couple of months have been a little rough, but with time, i think it will get better.


    Everything you said, sounds about right.  I’m actually calmer on meds, although I don’t take them everyday– only when I am working or studying.  Everything around me is a mess etc. etc.  When I get everything organized, and this takes a long time, I am compulsive about not moving anything or messing with the system.  Getting things in order in the first place is overwhelming.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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