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    Love these posts – I see myself in all of them. Sometimes I wonder if my life could be more normal if I had a little apartment in the city to my own for weekdays. DH could have custody of me on weekends in the big house, and can drop in on me here 🙂 . I would be better able to keep on top of things on a daily basis if I were really only responsible for myself.  Would leave me more relaxed and receptive for him. I really think I have too much on my plate just trying to keep up with the other 3 people’s daily existence, leaves me shortchanged. No time for hobbies, friends, exercise, etc. I honestly don’t know how Moms who work  outside the home manage. I put in as many hours in my job working from home, but thank goodness I save on travel time, primping, pre-prepping lunch, etc….

    Last week we all went out – it was -20 and I had to leave without a hat. I knew I needed a few minutes to look for it in its usual spot, then promptly forgot as someone else needed my attention to help them for several minutes. Then there was no time left and we had to rush out the door. And only one of them has ADD.

    I feel like there is barely enough time and energy in me to keep myself running smoothly (only managed by heavy/strict/tightly scheduled compensating with lists) – I was obviously not thinking adding a DH and kids to my chaos. I will have to watch the video… wish I could remember Kate Kelly’s words – she said it right on.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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