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My parents don't believe I have ADD

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    Okay, there have probably been about a million posts about this, but I need help. After hours and hours of pleaing (probably not a word but who cares) to my parents about how I really really think i have add and describe the 9 million symptoms pointing to this fact and how everything I do seems to point to ADD in some way, I have a friend who has been diagnosed and we’re pretty much exactly the same only he’s given up on life a little more than I have. No matter what I try it’s always the same thing: 1. Me: I should do my work 2. *pulls out work in question* ok lets do this 3. three hours later and I’ve written maybe two sentences. I’m a serial procrastinator and the only way to get me to do my work is to get me to realize that my grade is going to drop to a D if I don’t do it. And even then I’ll still wait until the last day. I’m constantly being ridiculed by everyone around me, and my dad is constantly saying that i need to pay attention and that I have “no common sense”. Anyway, so after an emotional breakdown or two my parents finally said they would get me tested even though they didn’t think I had it. That was I think around 3 months ago, and they still have yet to even mention it again. I’ve tried mentioning it to my mom and then she gets all frustrated and tells me that she doesn’t want to do it without my dad, since he’s a psychiatrist. The problem with this is that she almost never talks to my dad about it and whenever she does he doesn’t ever do anything about it, which is odd considering he was diagnosed with ADHD himself. the worst thing about it is that my mom doesn’t even believe that they’ll do anything significant like give me medication if I am diagnosed. This probably sounds cliche or edgy or whatever but I honestly hate the way I’m thinking my life in the near future is going to turn out if this goes on. I need help. Any suggestions?

    PS, I’m 13, if that changes your opinion at all.


    That Guy with ADHD
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    Hi Scovelme,

    I think you should assume that You have it and begin doing what You can for yourself.  There are several things you can do such as getting excersize, eating more protein, taking suppliments like those with Omega 3 and vitamins, and learning mindfulness excersizes (meditation).  Also, simplify your life.  You can start by decluttering your personal space.  Try not to take on any new projects (especially if you haven’t finished the last one you started).  Many health regions also offer free sessions you can take to learn more about diet and excersize, minfulness, anxiety and depression, cognative behavioural therapy, anger management, etc.  It helps to get yourself educated.  My library offers a lot of resources on ADHD in the form of books (and for me audio books and videos because I have poor reading comprehension).  I’m going to check out my local ADHD support group next week to see what they offer.

    I wish you all the best

    That Guy with ADHD

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