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    Its been a while since I actually posted on here instead of just lurking. I posted my story on here when I first got diagnosed and figured id let you guys know where I was at recently.

    I actually had a bit of steam their for a while in regards to treatment but hit a few brick walls. I got put on medication for anxiety and ADD but I got off of them after I got a taste of the ” brain zaps” and the like from missing even one dose.
    I began cognitive therapy for about 6 months which was actually one of the most helpful things I have ever done.
    One of the biggest things I took out of cognitive was asking myself if their is any evidence to support the way that I feel. It serves almost as a way ( if you have seen inception) to find out if I am dreaming or not. I had some serious issues with ruminating and catastrophing (SP?) and it has been about 60% better. I often find myself stopping to evaluate if what I think is happening really makes sense on paper or is evidence based. It has been most helpful.
    I am slowly learning that what I think in my head can be slowed down with deliberate action to do so and it feels pretty good.
    Living in Massachusetts afforded me the opportunity to do something wayyy out of my comfort zone and try Medical Marijuana for anxiety and ADD and that has been an interesting ride. Bit of back story- this was actually something that my therapist brought up as I go to a holistic center for dietary treatment as apart of my therapy. Its true fish oil and the correct vitamins do help to a small extent but help none the less. For me MM has been way more of a blessing than a curse. It has given me the best sleep I have ever had in my life and calms my brain down to a level where I can actually enjoy a moment and not feel that heavy anxiety or my mind running a mile a minute as I have felt in the past. I use it sparingly and only before bed.
    Its odd that it affects people differently on such a wide spectrum but this has just been my experience.

    Fortunately my wife has been incredibly understanding and loving through all of this.
    Being active in trying to find out what works for me has really taken a weight off my shoulders. I no longer feel like I am a lost cause or someone with some problem that no one can quite explain. I feel like I know my enemy for the first time and its a good feeling.


    Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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    So good to hear you are making progress!  I know that many people find they turn things around and they know longer come to the site as often to let us know how it’s going. (I’m the same way. When stuff’s not working, the world hears about it. when things are going well, I’m not so loud.)

    The medical marijuana is interesting. Keep us posted on the long term progress. Our video on Marijuana and ADHD does explain why it can help reduce anxiety, but it’s like all ADHD medications, when it’s not there, it’s not working. And when you stop, it can lead to emotional swings. Apparently, it’s not addictive the way Heroin is, so when you quit you don’t get the shakes, or cold sweats, or whatever. But it does act on the emotional part of the brain, so some people experience severe mood shifts. Which is never fun.

    Our video features a number of experts talking about their clients and marijuana. I was amazed at how much I didn’t know.


    The nutritional stuff is interesting. For some people it makes a huge difference. We just did a webinar with Julie Danliuk, after being on her anti-inflammatory 21 day cleanse, which felt so good it’s become a two month and counting change in lifestyle. The webinar is here. Some great advice on which supplements to focus on for different issues.



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