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Need a therapist

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    My husband was diagnosed with ADHD which was no surprise but now he uses it as an excuse not to do things. He says things like “my brain doesn’t work that way” or “you can’t give me too many things to do its overwhelming”. He thinks he can get along fine without a therapist but he is barely functional and consider this normal because he has ADHD. Does anyone know a good behavorial therapist in the los angeles area for ADD adults?


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    To answer your question, no.  I live in Texas.

    If your post accurately describes the situation, I would say your husband needs a kick in the butt.  What he says may be true, but it doesn’t mean he should give up.  He may be somewhat depressed at the diagnosis, which is normal for someone receiving a diagnosis.  Otherwise, I would say he’s just taking advantage of you.

    However, he should snap out of it and get on with dealing with it.  Perhaps the most important aspects of living with ADHD is education.  Both you and he should learn all you can from this site and some of the good books recommended here such as “You mean I’m not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy.”  As the book says, he’s not, so he should quit acting as if he is.

    Therapy and meds may help, but in the mean time, educate yourselves, stay on this site, and ask questions.

    FYI: I’m 60 years old diagnosed last year.  Sorry if this response seems uncharitable.  🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)