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Need some feedback. New to the forum

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    Picked up my prescription almost a week ago and after taking my first dose something didn’t seem right. Seemed to have no effect, so I gave it a few more days. 6 days later and I’m still scratching  my head. I take 20mg IR 2x’s a day and I received the Corepharm generic. Have done a lot of  research  in the meantime and have read that a lot of people have had negative experiences with the Corepharm generic. Called my Dr. and his nurse immediately said that they have had multiple patients voice their issues with Corepharm. My question is if there is anything I can do about this in terms of switching to a different brand of generic this week, or will I have to  wait until my next appointment in a few weeks? I’m going out of the country  on vacation this week and  would obviously  like to not worry about continuing  a medication that I feel isn’t  helping. Was planning on calling my Dr. first thing tomorrow, but wanted  to hear from an experienced community such as yourselves.


    Patte Rosebank
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    @Jddcft, definitely call your doctor.

    Generics don’t have to be 100% identical to branded drugs, in order to be legally considered “equivalent”. This is fine when you’re talking about headache tablets, but the differences between generics & branded can make a HUGE difference in meds for mental conditions.

    Your doctor may have to write “No Substitutions” on your prescriptions, to ensure that you get only the branded version.

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    hi @jddcft, welcome to the forum.

    It may depend on where you live and what your pharmacy’s policy is. I went to my pharmacy and asked for one of my meds to be switched from the generic to the name brand once and the assistant gave me a bit of a hassle but the pharmacist was fine with it and made the switch for me right then.

    Like Larynxa said, you could ask your doctor to write “no substitutions”. But you need to know which medication is going to work for you first, right? So you may want to discuss it with him/her. And be sure to mention what the nurse said. Also, talk to your pharmacist. They usually know more than the doctors.

    If the medication is right, as a general rule, you should feel an almost immediate effect. But everyone responds differently.

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