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Need to find help in central Iowa/USA

Need to find help in central Iowa/USA2010-12-08T00:23:12+00:00

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    I’m quite confident I’m ADD – the multi-whatever as I’m hyper, short attention, you name it, it’s me.

    Mother has ADD, son diagnosed with ADD 20-some years ago.

    I’ve got/had all the classic symptoms for since I can remember. The program ADD and Loving It?! might as well starred me, or at least it makes me think that Patrick or Rick are my brother. The PDF file test – I aced it, LOL – perfect yes scores.

    The online test here – virtual doctor – aced that, 9/9, had to click yes on ALL questions all the way through, and I’d have loved to have had a double-yes, or extra bonus points on some.

    Now I need to DO something about it (I’ve put this off, after all, for several decades already!)

    The doctors around here misdiagnose hang nails. Sorry, been through some REALLY tough times with doctors here, and passed around to so many it’s frankly getting costly and frustrating. I’d like to hit a good doctor who is good with ADD without having to “shop around”.

    Short story long – anyone around here – central Iowa who can recommend a good place to start where they KNOW and understand about this and not tell me “there’s nothing wrong” ?

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