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neurofeedback and ACE clincs in toronto?

neurofeedback and ACE clincs in toronto?2013-04-22T18:54:01+00:00

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    Anyone heard of neurofeedback to help ADHD?  Anyone heard of ACE clinics in toronto that uses neurofeedback and computer modules to train your brain?


    Patte Rosebank
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    @Elle99, there are threads about it elsewhere in the forum, if you go back a year or so.

    While some people claim it has helped them and/or their children, this “evidence” is purely anecdotal.  Someone saying, “It worked for me!” doesn’t prove that it *actually* works; only that the person *believes* it worked for them.  Maybe it did work for them, but how can you prove that?

    At this time, there is no reliable clinical evidence (based on large, long-term, double-blind studies) to support the efficacy of neurofeedback/ACE in treating ADHD.

    Considering how expensive (thousands of dollars) and long-term the ACE/neurofeedback treatment program is, and that most of the testimonials supporting it are from people who are selling it, you’d be wise to think very carefully and objectively before deciding to invest your time, money, and *hope* in it.

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