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new diagnosis, new trial, new baby, no sleep

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    Hi, I got an ADD diagnosis a few months ago, just before the birth of my second son. I’m on my second drug trial (Straterra was inconclusive, probably due in part to reasons given below; currently trying Concerta), but I have no idea if/how its helping. I imagine this isn’t helped by the fact that it’s pretty much impossible to get a decent night of sleep with a brand new baby and a not-quite 2-year old. Can a lack of sleep/increase in stress/lack of exercise negate the positive effects of a stimulant like Concerta?

    On days after I don’t get much sleep I think at best it helps me not feel sluggish and exhausted, but on the few days I got almost a decent night of sleep, I felt like I could move and work quickly (lots of caffeine with no jitteryness?), but didn’t seem any more able to focus or be attentive. My wife has yet to notice any difference, but she’s even more stressed and exhausted than I am (she also has an ADD husband to deal with in addition to the new baby and almost-2-year-old), so I don’t know if she would notice anyway.

    It’s hard to know if a drug is working when life is as abnormal and stressful as after a baby is born! Am I wasting my time trying drugs right now when its nearly impossible to properly manage sleep, exercise, and stress? If Concerta were working properly for me, what would I notice?

    Any advice is welcome! I’m desperate to start managing my ADD successfully so that I can actually be helpful to my wife instead of adding to her anxiety! Good intentions do not automatically yield positive results.


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    I’m in the same situation. My ADD was diagnosed shortly after the birth of my third kid. I have now one 6-year old, a daughter of 4 and the baby is now 2.

    My wedding bed has now become “the-thing-to-move-away-and-then-back-to-its-place-when-I’m-vacuum-cleaning”, given that both my sleep and my sex-life have known a major drawbacks since… well since a long time.

    My doctor is of the advice that without some decent sleeping habits (like going to bed and waking up at the same time) and some effort to try to get some sleep, the medication won’t be as effective.

    Needless to say i suck at both.

    I rely massively on coffee and chocolate to keep the energy level up, which I suppose is bad.

    The problem is also that what I tried so far either had no effect, or made me very jumpy and nervous.

    I’m thinking about alternatives to medication, unless I can find something that helps without the side-effects.

    As you would know from your older child, the sleep of your newborn will improve with time. Sure, even when he won’t need as much feeding during the night, there will be the chance you’ll have to wake up in the middle of the night (hell, my 4-year old daughter still does wake up at 3 a.m. at times) but it’ll get better.

    I realize I’m not giving much advice.

    To ensure some level of functionality I have seriously cut the amount of extra activities. I wonder if there is anything you can give up for a while,in order to gain some extra time to either get some rest or help with the parental duties.



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