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New here and soooo grateful for all of you!

New here and soooo grateful for all of you!2010-12-21T02:19:58+00:00

The Forums Forums I Just Found Out! My Story New here and soooo grateful for all of you!

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    Hello! After spying on everyone for a couple of weeks, I thought I’d take the plunge and introduce myself. My daughter was diagnosed ADHD when she was 10ish, put on Strattera for a couple of years and went off them. We thought she outgrew it, and she then was diagnosed (incorrectly) with bipolar(long story) this past year. After months on really horrible meds for a condition she didn’t have, and a really long wait list for assessment at McMaster in Hamilton, it was discovered that she still had….you guessed it ADHD. We didn’t realize, since she was very hyper as a child and didn’t seem to be now at 15. Well now we know. Now we are educated. Now, I see why I missed alot of stuff along the way. During her assessment, I was asked “Who in the family is your daughter most like?” Well…..myself, my brother and my two sisters, my mother-in-law, and 3 nephews. There was my “duh” moment. A couple of months later, I also received my diagnosis, and started on meds.

    There is plenty in my life that needs work and for the first time in my life I’m not feeling overwhelmed by the challenge. I know it will take time and patience (two things I rarely have in abundance), but I’ll get there.

    I have to tell this little story. My daughter and I were watching Bill’s ADDventures, the one when he’s trying to get out the door to work. We were laughing and laughing (as a side note, this was pre-meds, and I was dangerously close to being late for work at the time). So I jumped up and said that I had to leave because I was going to be late. Got all the way to the car, had to turn around because I of course forgot something. When I opened the door, she said, “Please, just tell me you did that on purpose.” Sadly, I did not!

    So thank you all for being here. You’ve given me great insights, a few chuckles, and a place to feel completely normal.


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    Welcome to the fold, dspicelady.:) I had to laugh out loud at “Well…..myself, my brother and my two sisters, my mother-in-law, and 3 nephews…”

    It sounds like your daughter and you have been able to enjoy some extra bonding over your shared ADHD (and watching Rick’s videos together). I think of that video now every time I leave the house (and come back and leave again).


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    Welcome aboard! I love Bill’s adventures. He is the male version of me! I particulary love the one where he is headed off to the meeting for ADHDers and sees the wet paint signs and of course, just has to touch them. Could easily be me. Just have to check it. Is it STILL wet paint or is it really DRY paint now???!

    The best part is we are able to laugh at ourselves over these silly things instead of despairing over them. They’re certainly not the worst thing that could befall someone, are they?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)