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New Here! Yet, not too new… lol

New Here! Yet, not too new… lol2011-01-19T13:49:45+00:00

The Forums Forums I Just Found Out! My Story New Here! Yet, not too new… lol

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    Hi there,

    I was diagnosed with Hyperactivity, as it was called when I was in first grade. I was put on Ritalin from that point until I was in 7th grade in which I refused to take it any longer. That was the roughest time of my life and for me, the Ritalin didn’t help regadless of how often they played with the dosage.

    High School was horrible for me, but I think it didn’t help that I was the third child from my family in that high school and the VP and counsular really hated my family (they were just racist). So getting suspended was REALLY easy for me. After high school was the best times for me, and the idea that I actually had ADD or ADHD seems like a false diagnoses.

    However, after after children, its become harder for me to focus on anything, and depression has been seeping into my life more and more. Now with my son being ADHD, I feel even more like a failure and been finding myself more depressed then not. While I’ve been able to control my Impulsive or Restless symptoms, the attentive symptoms are still there full force. My self-confidence is rock bottom, I’m unsatisified, unhappy, and I feel very much alone.

    I’m going to try and find help… but that usually means money… and that gives me the most stress then anything now-a-days. I’m glad I was able to watch this show on PBS last night and find this website. I think it will help me work though my emotions before they really start effecting my work.

    Until then, thank you for reading and I look forward to talking with you.

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