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    Blackdog & Scatty, I have been thinking about this for the past couple of weeks after reading your response to my earlier  post. I started trying to consistently take meds earlier  regulate my sleep more. Although I haven’t gotten to a perfect routine quite yet but do find that the effort is worth it. I think I  have to resign myself to the fact that getting organized basically takes effort.

    Actually, I just had an epiphany after reading your responses again just now. I think our ADD tendency to want things immediately is really the issue with making progress and I have to resign myself to the fact that it takes actual real hard work. I had a similar realization Some years ago while I was trying to lose weight. I felt as if my entire day was centered around thinking about healthy food choices and what I was going to eat at my next meal so that it was healthy. It occurred to me then that it took actual effort  and a concerted  thought process to make it work. The same I guess with having a system to stay on track be that with a paper agenda or otherwise. That said, I better get going since I have 30 minutes to get dressed and out the door to make it to my appointment on time 🙂

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)