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    Just signed up and my first post to any online community. Was diagnosed a few years back, 35 now. My biggest issue is being impulsive and changing my mind every hour… Impulsive with shopping (I love to shop..but I’m a woman too lol) I get a high from buying thing,,then..reality sets in and I take back items …

    When I get an idea into my head I just go overboard with it..then after a while, or sometimes after an hour I’m onto another thing..Drives me crazy! I’m hot then cold then lukewarm. I change my mind about if I want to be with my semi new boyfriend…

    I like excitement and get bored very easily. It took me 10 years just to finish college because I lacked motivation I was onboard for a while then I was like “ eh..forget it”

    I haven’t seen much on this topic but does anyone else try to “become someone else..or if after reading a book, likes the character so much they wish they could be that person?”I always want to be someone other than me and I always say ok today I’m going to be this..but it never lasts….because I go from 0 to 20 in 3 seconds …I’ll think “ I miss my cat I’ll get another one” so off I go online searching for cats…I think “hmm I’d like to buy a new jewelry box”. So off I go….and I do this a lot…drive me crazy! Trips, ideas, random stupid s*it! I have never met anyone else with ADHD. I’m on Wellbutrin, other meds I was afraid I’d gain weight and to me…that was terrifying. Helped a little but now I take it just to maintain my weight because when I was weaned off I started eating again =/.

    I jump from on topic to the next..obviously lol..and lord help me I constantly forget and repeat myself..I dunno how many times I’ve told my boyfriend the same thing “ did I tell u this?..yes babe you told me that already”

    Anyway just venting. I could go on and on and on =/


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    HI tk0317, you seem to have an exhuberant outlook on life which is nice. It beats depression anyday. I put a link for a free program in Australia that you can customize depending on your needs. You do a quiz and see what you might want to work on. I just found out how anxious I was. I guess I underestimated it. Give it a try if you like! And take care 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)