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newly diagnosed, but questions regarding medication

newly diagnosed, but questions regarding medication2012-01-30T04:23:52+00:00

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    Let me begin by giving some background information.

    I am a 20 year old student in University, I was just recently diagnosed with mild to moderate adhd, after completing an 8 hour examination, I will be receiving the full information results shortly; however the psychologist left, but stating she is confident I do have a mild to moderate form after completing the examination. Now my dilemma comes in with the medication part, I actually started a trial run of medication this past summer prior to full diagnosis by talking to my GP just because I was having some concentration, memory and mood issues. I also got some blood-work done and was found out to be B-12 deficient. I started of with 10 mg of adderall xr once a day, now the medication was good at first, but I did have some problems in the beginning, just basic lack of appetite and insomnia. It eventually progressed into some prostate problems and I was switched over to 20 mg ritalin sr once a day. At first ritalin was good, no insomnia issues, but than I started having serious anxiety issues and terrible vivid dreams at night. It came to the point where I ended up quitting meds altogether for about 4 months. Now my issue is that now I am diagnosed, I am a bit more prone to giving medication another shot or maybe even natural alternatives, to deal with some lethargy issues, but I was wondering given my past experiences with meds is there any meds I should use? I’ve heard vyanese isn’t too bad in terms of side effects. Thanks in advance for the help.


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    I can’t help with the meds. Everyone is different with regard to how and if a particular med works and what side effects occur. If, as you say, you have mild to moderate ADHD, then there are several things you can try the do not involve meds.

    Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Sufficient sleep may help with memory problems. Exercise will help moderate ADHD effects. And of course diet is important.

    The other side of the coin is in developing coping strategies. I’m 59, recently diagnosed (with probably mild to moderate ADD), and have managed somewhat successfully so far without meds. I avoid them all, if possible, even when sick. I can now see that over the years, I have developed habits that help compensate for my ADHD, some of which may seem to border on OCD. As an example, I do any work requiring a lot of though late in the evening when I will not be interrupted or disturbed. My keys, money, and knife are always in my pocket unless being used.

    There are all kinds of strategies. Timers on cell phone, sticky notes, note pads. I suppose you could even get a parrot to sit on your shoulder and say “pay attention” every so often. Come up with you own as you identify problems. Also, developing a routine may help.

    You may decide you can get by without meds, or take them only on occasion such as studying for tests. – Good luck

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