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Not accountable to other people = No drive

Not accountable to other people = No drive2014-05-29T07:44:25+00:00

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    I’m having some issues with motivation/drive and procrastination.

    The pattern that I’ve noticed is that I don’t find it difficult to do anything that involves accountability to other people: I keep on top of things for school; I go to work and do everything that needs to be done while I’m there; I always go to things that I have booked, such as appointments or meetings; and I always do the things that I offer to do for people.

    When it comes to anything that is not necessary, that is not a priority, and that affects nobody but me, I either feel that I can’t muster the energy to do it or I procrastinate. Unfortunately, this involves everything other than the things in the above paragraph, such as eating, cleaning, or anything related to entertainment or hobbies.

    Does anyone have any advice as to how I can start doing the things that I should do, but don’t “need” to do?


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    Hiya, I know what you mean and it is hard to be accountable to yourself. I have the same issues and have tried repeatedly to improve though it always comes down to ” Yeah I nailed it for two weeks so that means I can do it” And that’s where I fail, if i know I can do something then I stop trying. It’s crazy in my opinion and frustrating for others to see so much potential but no willpower to follow through long term.

    I involve my partner, tell her what I want to and need to do, we make a list for the week with priorities at the top. By involving her I become accountable to her. Now! This also has a flip side. If I really am lacking the motivation to get stuck into this list, she will begin to raise the issue to the point where all I hear is nagging. Which will push me further away, resulting in nothing but tension between us.

    So, I don’t have any clear answers here but involving another person who understands how you are and how you tick, is a lot better than trying and struggling on your own. Also, keep it interesting. I challenge myself against the clock to finish something by a certain time. That keeps me poking along until I either run out of time or finish. At least I’m not stuck on the one thing all day and I may get some things complete and only start others. Also, when I haven’t achieved all I wanted she is great to point out that what I have done was actually a fair bit and what is left stays on the list to be finished the next day. I don’t make a new list until the old one is complete ( within reason, I don’t stay on a list for weeks)

    Anyway bud, I hope SOMETHING in this post helps. If anyone else has good tips then I’m all ears as well cause I still have room for improvement. Maybe if i hire someone to follow me around all day poking me with a cattle prod when I lose track/ focus would be better? Hmmm, Google here I come.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)