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Not getting my work done.

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    I havent been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD but, I have a string feeling I have it. I’ve never been good at stuff like reading. My comprehension of it is actually pretty good. But actually reading the text can be frustrating. Reading the same lines over and over again, but only getting random letters and words. I also SUCK at time management, constantly procrastinating and I’m very forgetful. I’ve told this to my mother after long hours of trying to write essays. But she refuses to get me diagnosed because she doesn’t want me “labeled” or for it to be an “excuse”, but she agrees that I probably have it. Even though I’ve struggled with it I somehow manage to get decent grades but this year (10th grade) it’s not working anymore. My grades are starting to drop and I honestly feel hopeless. Everyone around me including me just thinks I’m lazy. But I know I have the capability to be doing so much better, because I actually get the subjects I’m learning. I’m just stuck and I dont know what to do.

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