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Not sure if I have ADD

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    Hi, my name is Rebbeka and I’m from Brazil! Recently I was reading about ADD in a book and thought: “my goodness, this is me!” and when I went to the psychiatrist, I mentioned it to her and she gave me a test to do and reached the conclusion that I probably do have ADD! But then I was worried, if she would have reached this conclusion if I hadn’t opened my big mouth!

    I was worried because I thought she gave me a quick test and didn’t ask many questions. Many friends complain that I don’t pay attention, that I live in another world, and I can say I’m different from most people and daydream a lot, but other traits like being disorganized, losing stuff, etc. don’t apply to me. I’m basically very inattentive and get bored waaaay too easily. :)

    How do I know for sure? This question is definitively killing me!

    Thank you!

    Rebbeka Oliveira


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    Not every single symtom must apply in order for you to get the diagnosis, I don’t think. I think it’s more of whether or not you fit a cluster of symptoms and/or traits, and whether or not or how much these symptoms disrupt your life.

    If you’re concerned, you should definitely bring it up with your psychiatrist the next visit.

    In the meantime, continue to educate yourself by reading as much as you can about the topic, here on the forums, also as many books as you can find and read. Plus, there’s a really neat film that they talk about here. ;-)

    Did your doctor prescribe medication? If so, did you take it? What was the effect? Did it help? That in and of itself can often be a reassurance, from what I’ve read.

    Oh, and I’m not an expert, btw. ha ha! Just another person seeking answers.


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    ashockley55 is right about symptoms, and some symptoms are polar opposites. For example talking all the time and interrupting people as is being quiet and introverted are both seen in ADHD individuals and are indicative of the disorder.

    Another thing to do is look back into your childhood and teen years for ADHD behaviors. Sometimes I wonder if in my case it may be something other than ADHD that is recent, but then looking back I can see that this isn’t something that has come about in the last few years, it goes waaayyyyyy back.

    Perhaps the best confirmation I have is reading all the stuff that other members have written and seeing that 80-100% applies to me.

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