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    Just wondered what some peoples’ thoughts are on this. I’m a SUPER detail oriented person. I put everything in the same place every time I’m done with it, I put reminders for everything in my calender, and I pretty much go nuts if anything doesn’t go perfectly as planned. that’s what concerns me. I think that the reason I’m so anal retentive is because I can’t handle chaos. I feel anxiety if things aren’t smooth. I think that the anxiety I feel is because of ADD, and my crazy attention to every tiny detail is how I’ve learned to manage it.

    I’m not sure if this all sounds ridiculous, but I’m hoping that it makes some sense to someone. I need to figure this out for my sake and the rest of my family.


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    What you’re describing sounds like OCD to me, which is how anxiety manifests in some people. Are you on any medication for the ADD? Perhaps you would benefit from medication to reduce your anxiety too.

    It doesn’t sound ridiculous at all. Good luck!

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