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Nutritious snacks & tips for combatting appetite loss?

Nutritious snacks & tips for combatting appetite loss?2015-03-17T00:44:07+00:00

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    When I take my Adderall, I often zero into tasks so acutely that I completely neglect eating properly and hardly manage to scarf down a nutritious meal (let alone more) to keep my brain fully functioning during the day.

    My brain is like, “Huzzah! I’m on now! Too many other productive things to do! Let’s do all the things now, you can eat later…”

    That being said, it’s probably easier to have healthy snacks/quick meals on hand…likely of the protein-rich variety. I just can’t seem to think of any good nutritious snacks to keep on hand without getting sick of having the same snack every time.


    Any insight on how you’ve powered through your lack of appetite on Adderall?  Snacks, tips….I’ll take whatever you’ve got!


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    I eat a big breakfast before or with my meds – when I still have a good appetite. And if I’m having trouble eating, I watch my coffee intake. Sometimes I have to cut it out completely.

    Good snacks:

    Greek yogourt (check for higher protein, lower sugar)
    Nuts, sunflower seeds
    Hard boiled eggs (boil a dozen and keep in the fridge — and mark the box with a B so you don’t surprise yourself)
    Sometimes pepperoni sticks, but not the healthiest source of protein
    Some breads or crackers have higher protein (lately it’s been hemp/quinoa bread for me sounds awful, but it’s actually good – from Loblaw’s / Superstore in Ontario)
    Sometimes those powdered protein drinks – again, watch out for high sugar
    Peanut butter and toast

    That’s all I got for now


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    Smoothies saved me so many times! I tried protein bars for a while, but turns out my body would rather starve for an extra few hours, rather than eat a protein bar (of the same flavor for a year).

    Try these to get you started:

    1 Banana, milk (or milk alternative), protein powder or 1/2 cup of peanut butter. Optional: honey, ice cubes.

    Greek yogurt (plain or flavored. I like coconut, honey, or lime), milk (or milk alternative)

    Mixed berries (blackberries, strawberries, raspberries – frozen or fresh), milk. Optional: honey, ice cubes

    Half orange juice, half milk, desired fruit.

    Do not keep a 100% liquid or smoothie diet.
    You still need solid foods and lots of fiber, no matter what. Try whole apples and vegetables.

    I still eat ‘bad’ foods like bagels and crackers, but pair them with eggs, cheese, hummus, etc.

    Good luck. 🙂

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