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    So I took Strattera for about 2 months (at a very low dose…40mg I think). At first, I felt a difference. Could actually read books (not just one!). I even lost 10 pounds! At first, I thought it was just a positive side effect of the meds. Then, I started getting stomach pains and discomfort (on and off). I went to my doc and it was discovered I reacted to gluten! Huh?!!! Anyway, I went gluten free and hoped it would help even more with my ADD, but the stomach pain continued and I would wake up at night worried about being sick to my stomach. I then decided to stop the meds to see if just going gluten free would be enough and Voila! no more stomach pains. I even re-introduced gluten in small amounts and had no pain. Now, I want to try other meds because I’m back to not being able to read a whole book 🙁

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