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Online dating advice

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    I tried an online dating website for a while. I’v read about the basics online dating safety . It has a large population. I left since I had nothing in common with anyone on there. All the shallow people that I encountered, got me sick of it. Against my better my judgment, I decided to return. This time looking for female friends too. Guess, same stuff different day. General dating websites are really worthless. I’v decided to try the specialized websites, dump this one for good. I only have enough time to maintain one profile. Also, meeting women in person has the same results. So, that’s off the table.

    Where should I specialize? Which websites. Need some advice.

    Spirituality: new age(neo-pagan) or pagan. Some eastern paths are alright. Some pagans are compatible.

    Video gamer dating

    Geek dating

    ADHD dating(searching)

    Having a date for friday and saturday night will be a great chance of pace. A woman who’s more interesting than watching paint dry, would be nice. :p (sigh)


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    I have the same problem.

    Everybody on here seems to have partners or be married and/or with kids – how did they get there??


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    Hey powcat – I am single and don’t have kids and like you – have no idea how the others got there.

    All that stuff seems so grown up somehow and a bit scary too. You’d think by late 40s I feel grown up but no. Guess it’s luck finding the right person. I’d rather be on my own than with the wrong person. My mother had the wrong person and I have never forgotten what a horrible atmosphere my father created. Better to be a bit lonely than miserable.

    Sorry – that sounds very negative. The right person is out there for all of us – just finding them can be tricky.

    Good luck Filmbuff1984. I know a couple who met through an online dating agency and they seem very happy.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)