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organization for kids…. and those of us young at heart. :D

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    i read this from fly lady…. i get the email with the updated forum topics. and i thought of how i feel when my house is organized ~vs~ when it’s not. i do feel that we as a family are in a better place when it’s tidy. i thought this may be a great article for those parents trying to find ways of helping their kids with ADD/ADHD…..

    “Dear Pam,

    I recently read in a parenting magazine at the doctor’s office that children thrive in an organized environment. I’m a SHE thru and thru and my childhood home was very organized and I did thrive so I agreed with the author who was a mother of eight children. I have four and they keep me so busy I can’t imagine eight! I would definitely say the author is what you call a BO. I was intrigued that she mentioned that two of her children were extremely creative and were her “messy” ones. She had to “stay on top of them, because their little minds scattered them from one project to another and “clean up” was usually left in their wake and took much reminding.”

    What I found most interesting was what this mother discovered when her mother came (not the world’s best housekeeper) to stay for two weeks to help with the new baby and her (she was bedridden because of a health condition) that the two messy kids’ rooms got out of control and they became despondent and rebellious.

    She said the two creative ones “especially” thrive with order and routine and when they were allowed to leave messy rooms their happiness levels plummeted. As I sat there in the waiting room I thought about how much more fun we’d all been having since they got their rooms under control. I bought the Messy Room Rescue DVD and I hadn’t really thought about the happiness level of my three very creative ones, but there has really been a difference! It helped for them to see a real eight-year-old’s messy room and see how happy she was when it was all cleaned up! Yes, messy rooms can suck all the joy out of a family and we are proof that it is so. We also know it’s easy to raise that happiness level!

    Thank you and thank Sophie for allowing us to see her transformation.

    Happy in Phoenix!

    Pam here: The Messy Room Rescue follows the step-by-step clean up of a child’s very messy room. I think children love to watch and learn from other children. This video will get your kids’ attention and if clutter and chaos have invaded your children’s bedrooms, this could really raise the happiness level in your home. Serve popcorn when you watch it with them.”

    i’m not advertising just lending a tool. you can find the video on her flylady site.


    Patte Rosebank
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    I don’t know if they still require it, but when I was in Brownies, one of the requirements for the Golden Bar was to keep your room tidy for 2 weeks. And you needed the Golden Bar in order to get the Golden Hand, which you needed to fly up to Girl Guides.

    The longest I ever managed to keep my room tidy was 3 days. Finally, when all of us had earned our Golden Hand (except me, because I’d done everything for it, but I still hadn’t earned my Golden Bar), my Brown Owl had mercy on me and said, “Well, cumulatively, you’ve kept your room tidy for much longer than 2 weeks, so you’ve earned your Golden Bar.”

    You can imagine what my current apartment looks like. There’s a big heap of stuff I still haven’t sorted through since I moved in here, 3 years ago. I call it Mount Crapmore. I swear, the other day, I saw something watching me from inside it. Perhaps it’s evolved into a new life form…


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    i think my kids are driven nuts by me though. i am constantly cleaning and organizing their room. one of the saying my daughters’ now poke of… “please, put this in its home”. i wonder how long before they get the happy gilmore movie reference. hahahaha

    all in all, i believe that my obsession with keeping their room tidy is more for my benefit, than theirs. :D

    happy mommy, happy family. hee hee

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