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OTC Meds and ADHD?

OTC Meds and ADHD?2010-10-03T11:50:20+00:00

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    Just was wondering about something I noticed a long time ago and had forgotten until recently.

    I am always plagued with anxiety..it’s just always there.

    Recently I had a bad cold for the first time in three years. Normally I don’t take anything for it as I have a very bad reaction to caffiene, which is in many OTC cold medications. However, I was so sick that I took a sinus type of med (two packages..one for day, one for night) with no caffiene in it. (caffiene=severe depression for me)

    After the stuff started to work, I noticed the anxiety was gone. There was no dopey feeling, just the absence of the knawing in my gut.

    I had noticed this years ago, before I knew I had ADHD.

    Any ideas what’s in the cold medication that does this? Some other kind of upper that is not caffiene???

    I’m not on any Rx meds but would like to get rid of the anxiety if there is any OTC or natural remedy out there that helps?

    Has anyone else noticed stuff like this??

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