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over 100 jobs lost 99% due to ADD

over 100 jobs lost 99% due to ADD2015-10-26T12:28:29+00:00

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    126 if my count is correct the most recent being a certain online shopping site’s distribution center, left abusive place after abusive place, “nice guys” to work for who weren’t when they couldn’t get why things kept getting screwed up no relationship for longer than 2 years pretty much romantic or otherwise (gave up romance haven’t had a date since 2005….not kidding) family has abandoned me as a lost cause and I raise a kid by myself and I can’t afford to buy the meds I need to FUNCTION I live off the state because of this, I have no friends, I have little to no help, and I have nowhere else I can make a living because most jobs I take last maybe 3 months even though I work hard, on the plus side I make a decent burrito! I have no idea what to ask anymore I can’t even feel angry or disappointed anymore, I also don’t miss people when they leave, or even really notice while they are here (save ONE person, my kid) and I can’t seem to help myself at all, 34 years it took to get a diagnosis and meds and the meds are at a “skin of my teeth” basis of acquisition pride is in the dust, romance, dust, someone asked if I gave up once I said….look man, I’m a cockroach the lowest creature there is, gross misunderstood unwanted…..but I’ll still be crawling on the daisy growing out of the last human corpse when the big h bomb hits, like the movies said, you can stomp us you can squash us but you just can’t STOP us. so yeah ima go back out and fail, a hundred times more or four or 12 or whatever it takes because thats what has to happen and it ain’t like I got anywhere to go but up

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