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Overcoming Fidgeting for Short Periods of Time!!!

Overcoming Fidgeting for Short Periods of Time!!!2013-05-07T11:54:24+00:00

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    Hello everybody!  I met with my Career Counselor yesterday and she mentioned that she had noticed my fidgeting: bouncing my leg and tapping my foot on the floor, absent mindedly playing with my pencil in my hand, changing the position of my hands periodically.  I told her about my ADD and she is supportive.  She told me, however, that there is a good chance that fidgeting during a job interview would be considered signs of anxiety and would lower my chances of bagging a job offer.  She asked me to do some research and figure out some ways to minimize or eradicate my fidgeting for short periods of time, long enough for an interview.  Any ideas?  What works for you?



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    Interesting and probably true sadly.

    One thing you could try is rolling a tiny piece of blue-tac or plasticine or equivalent between your thumb and forefinger. If the piece is small enough you can play with it pretty much unnoticed.

    In meetings I tend to make notes as a means of fidgeting without it being obvious, except I usually end up doing huge doodles that people comment on….not good in job interviews though!



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    I like Scattybird’s suggestions. How about notetaking? Not only might that be less obviously “fidigity” but could give the impression that you’re organized and that the interview (and job) are important to you. (Of course, make sure it’s not only of those pens which can be “clicked” or easily disassembled!)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)