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PLEASE HELP: Medication advice

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    Moved from Adderall forum, as I didn’t know there was an ‘Ask the Community’ topic and don’t know how to delete the other post. Omg, sorry, the site is sooo slow for me, I think I posted twice. 🙁

    Hi everyone, first post here, so please bear with me, let me know if I am breaking any rules or not being clear, etc.

    So here is the deal:

    I will meet and discuss with my doctor any changes in medication and will only take it as prescribed, I’m just looking for some advice from people who have actually taken these medications for THE RIGHT REASONS. Everywhere else on the internet is full of garbage about how to gain euphoria or whatever.

    I have tried multiple ADHD medications and some antidepressants. What I am aiming for is to limit the number of times I need to switch or make changes to medication because I can no longer afford to throw out pills that don’t work. Also, I’m at the age where I can’t mess up anymore. I’m looking for work, so I really need to be able to function.

    I have been off all meds for 2 months, primary symptoms are: Lack of focus, impatience, lack of motivation, extreme lack of confidence, day-time sleepiness, difficulty regulating emotions, occasional low mood (but not generally depressed), mood swings (sometimes aggressive, but not extreme). Please note this is not a 100% accurate baseline because I was taking Adderall and my brain could still be attempting to regulate itself.

    Medication history:
    Adderall: I liked the effects, it really helped with social anxiety, stopped feeling tired all day. However, I sometimes felt that I couldn’t focus on the right thing, I felt more focused, but not always on homework/work. Come-down was bad, mood swings. After 6 months or so, I usually start to feel really ‘run down’. Occasional paranoia.

    Methylphenidate: Really liked this for studying and doing other quiet solitary work, but had terrible mood swings, anger, felt edgy. Felt terrible all the time, mentally and physically (stomach upsets).

    Strattera: I fell asleep a lot. In public places.

    Wellbutrin: Did well in school while on this, but after a few weeks, my doctor prescribed Adderall alongside it, I switched to Adderall only. From what I remember, Wellbutrin was good, but I did feel a bit ‘flat’ and spaced out, not very upbeat.

    Should I try / What to do???:

    Vyvanse? People have mentioned it’s supposed to basically be Adderall with fewer side effects. I’m hesitant because it does last a long time in the body and I absolutely NEED quality sleep every night.



    I also have a history of OCD, depression, and lots of anxiety. Also I was in a very bad relationship for a while, which had lead to increased feelings of insecurity and identity issues.

    Thanks in advance for any advice! 🙂

    Update: I should mention that SSRIs make me absolutely nuts! Bad bad reaction.


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    Update: I was denied financial assistance today, which makes getting on the right meds even more pressing. It seems like they made the system hard, so that people who actually need help can’t get it. The lazy people with everything going for them get money easily. I had a break down in the meeting room and nothing… I was told I have done well despite my disability, I speak well despite my issues, etc. But no real financial support, no real progress.

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