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    I couldn’t find another post to ask this so I thought I would. I’ve known for years I more than likely have add/adhd. Other than never completing my goals, it has never really bothered me. Well, not really.

    Anyway, I work at a retail store. In Georgia. I have been working at this store for going on six years. Surprising, I know, but I have had many close calls to being fire. Not to mention, I’ve wanted to quit forever now. But I cannot due to my closest family being in Oklahoma/Texas and my fiancee is a cancer survivor. So anyway, I used to work in the back and once I got used to it, it was easy. Didn’t even have to think about separating the freight really so I let my mind wonder. However, I’ve recently, in the past few months, been moved to the floor. I’ve been talking about going and getting tested, mostly because I was curious, because my school tried to test me several times but my mom put a stop to it every time. Alas, I digress.

    Ever since I’ve been moved to the floor, I keep getting in trouble for my productivity. I’ve told them I’m trying to take care of it, in fact, I find out one way or the other on the 8th of December. But, I am also on my third write up. They know I cannot focus well on the floor so its hard for me to get my freight completely stocked. One more write up, and I’m fired. I will also lose my apartment and not be able to take care of my fiancee. I am trying everything I can, but I cannot do anymore until the 8th of December. I’m worried I’m going to get fired, I’m also trying to fight the write ups. I feel as though I’m being discriminated against and like they think I’m making this stuff up.

    So my question is, if I am trying to see if I have ADD/ADHD, can I be fired for it? If I get diagnosed with it, can I get the write ups taken off? Is there anything I can do? I just gotta make it until the end of July when my lease is up and I can move back home and get a better job. I’m trying to keep this job instead of looking for another for the insurance and so I can transfer.




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    Sorry to hear about your dilemma buddy. ADHD does rear it’s ugly head at the darnedist times, I know it. I wonder whether the policy is the same in Canada or States? Do your medical records become shared knowledge or will the doctors keep it confidential? Never-the-less, you are under considerable stress! Best consult a doctor for advice. Could you try Concerta or Adderall to get you by? Some have had success with theses meds. Just try not to self medicate like many of us have already done. On the plus side, I just met a wonderful mentor who has significant ADHD and she really makes it work for her. She is a go-getter in the social work and extremely popular because she is approachable and sensitive to people in need. I’m fortunate to have met someone like this and as a result I feel better about my ADHD. It’s not all bad -Hang in there. Peace


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    That’s the thing though, I find out the results and a definite answer as to rather I have it or not on the 8th of December. And then, if I do have it (frankly I’d be shocked if they say I don’t), I have another appointment on the 13 or 15th of December for the medication. And my bosses know this. They say I have to work on the floor because I am the best they have, yet…

    Its quite maddening.


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    I know that this is a frightening situation.  I work as a cameraman and things got tough when I was assigned to shoot dance with one of the best videographers of  dance on the east coast.  My job, “very simple”, was to cover everything on stage.  That is: Keep the dancer in the CENTER, the RIGHT AMOUNT of headroom and room at the bottom; don’t CUT  the hands or feet; control the iris at the RIGHT F STOP; stay in FOCUS;  REPLACE the media before it runs out; move smoothly, don’t SHAKE.  It was a lot like trying to track a fly with a telescope.  A dancer can jump in any direction at any moment and the director wanted me as tight as possible (because it looks good) and not have the hands or feet touch the frame (because it looks really bad).

    Quite often i heard his dismayed directions coming through my headphones.  I wanted to die.  Then I had to listen to him tell me, more than once,  on the ride home from the gig that “I think you just don’t pay attention”  That was a killer.

    I had done this job often enough that I knew what he wanted and I knew what to do, but it wasn’t clicking.  It was like I was crippled.   I figured that I had ADD (some other camermen had it too).  My nephew has it and my mother thought that my father has it.  I talked my sister into giving me a couple of my nephew’s adderalls.  She was very reluctant because this is illegal and it is a potentially dangerous drug if you are not careful.

    I took 20 mgs about an hour before my next show.  It was like night and day.  I hardly heard any complaints and had a cordial ride home.  I had been seeing an analyst for about two years and she recommended me to a psychiatrist (they can prescribe) and got a script for the drug.

    Lately, I’ve been getting compliments from directors at some of the stations and have been getting more assignments.  Mostly because, as one director put it, “I don’t have to tell you what to do.  You see it right away.”  That was great.

    I feel that you are in the same position.  You know what to do, but can’t be sure of yourself.  A good sign is that they didn’t fire you because you have to work the floor because you’re “the best they have.”  You will undoubtedly be even better when you get some medicine in you.

    I am very cautious about the use of these stimulants and have tried lower doses than 20mgs.  You have to find out how this works best for you and take it in the right way.  I tend to be overly cautious, but I can’t help but feeling like Roy Scheider  as Bob Fosse in “All That Jazz,” when I take them: “It’s showtime!”

    —  scott



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    Just an alternative perspective.

    What we do- WE HYPERFOCUS!! I get it, no one likes a write up-Not good for the ego and definitely not good for the pocket. The write up has your attention, the possibilities are endless on what “could” happen. It’s like our minds become magic calculators of all the negative possibilities multiplying and adding up situation after situations that could occur. This seemingly happens with no effort on our behalf, but the truth is it is taking up mental space and causing anxiety. The facts are there. You have 2 write ups, everything else are possible outcomes. So while that big scary monster seems to be looming over your shoulder. I say turn your focus to the possibilities. Your doctor’s appt is set! Start the day with a go gettem attitude end the day with putting in applications, seek out a head hunter/recruiter in your profession. You can make a change, and start stepping into your future. It’s not easy, I am in a similar position and it just occurred to me as I am writing this, Dang I forgot to send my resume out. I wish there was an emoticon that had a ADD arrow shooting toward a person an then the emoticon saying Oh ya got me!! lol
    Sorry off track- I am sorry you are going through this as I re-read my post- (5th time already, 8 corrections and I am sure there are still some more corrections that should’ve been made) I want you to know- You are not alone. I am reading over an over the same story.I can see so clearly how we get stuck!Fighting to be “normal”, to accomplish what seem to be simple task. An when we fall short we repeat, over an over as if that one thing was so important in the big picture of Life. Maybe the question we should be asking ourselves is what part of our destiny does this play. Is it worth our sanity or our self-esteem to keep at something that is not fulfilling us? Don’t get me wrong- I am not saying job hop I am saying explore your strengths and seep what job/career there is that works with your strength not your weakness. When we stumble onto something that we thought we would be great at or maybe it pays the bills be willing to let it go when it no longer is serving it’s purpose.
    We are perfect in our imperfections- we are all designed to accomplish some task in this world, everything and everyone has a purpose – Go out an find yours.. your ADD makes you creative- So Create Create Create!!!
    Good Luck!

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