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Please read, Input appreciated from those who have had troubles w/ doctors

Please read, Input appreciated from those who have had troubles w/ doctors2014-05-08T20:18:45+00:00

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    I have found myself in dire need of help.

    4 months ago I was diagnosed with ADHD. I’m a 27 y/o male who has had issues ALL of my life. Classic symptoms that come with all of our every day life. Basically, my doctor set me up on concerta, 18mg for a month and it did nothing. We switched to IR tablets of methyl. because it was a third of the price. Started that at 10mg 2x daily for 2 weeks, and went really well. Focus, emotional balance, and work at my job improved. Then, over the next 4 weeks it really started to taper off (the benefits), doctor suggested to go to 15mg morning 10 mg night.

    Enter my issue: 15mg nearly put me to sleep the first three days, after that, it was fine. I have found benefits here and there – 50% of the time. Some days it seems like it doesn’t work – distractibility, concentration, problems at work, school, home, you name it – its like I didn’t take anything half the time. the 10mg afternoon dose doesn’t do anything for me unless I take it after 6pm, then I can’t sleep. Also, both of these doses (when they are/were effective) last 3 1/2 hours tops. I wake up at 5 am and don’t go to bed until 10pm. I work full time and am in school. 2 IR tablets per day will not do it for me.

    So I call my doctor with an update explaining the above situation. They tell me that they’re putting me back down to 10mg / 10mg per day on the same medication that I told them wasn’t working for me. They also gave me the option of switching back to concerta. I explained the price issue with my insurance and they said to go find a cheaper pharmacy. I had to tell them that I would call them back because I was about to explode with anger.

    I spent all day fuming, all sorts of pissed off, decreased my quality of work, and I just got back from BOMBING a math exam. I am beyond upset right now, all I want to do is get better, and they refuse to work with me. I have never asked for any particular medication, any medication increases or decreases, I do not have a substance abuse problem (never have), and I’m a god damn adult. I have no reason to go searching for drugs that I could just buy off the street for even cheaper than all the doctor appointments and medications that they give me that dont work. I’m a man who wants to improve his quality of life, education, work, and relationships. This comes at an awful time for me with finals coming up and huge projects at work due. Do I seem anxious? Probably because I am; I was just fine until this today. I just can’t beleive that the doctor that I have trusted for years is doing this. Even though hes a primary care doctor, he seemed confident in his abilities to manage my symptoms.

    So where do I go from here? Do I take my diagnosis letter and have the psychology department that checked me out send their results to a new place so that I can get a different doctor? Does it have to be a psychiatrist or can it be a family doctor? Do I call my doctor back and let him have it? I didn’t call back today on purpose because I know that I would have left the conversation feeling like a jerk because of my attitude right now.

    Sorry for the rant, I just need some answers and can’t seem to find any. Any constructive input is appreciated.



    Blue Yugo
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    Switching doctors is always an option.  “Family Doctors” are the worst place to go for ADHD, anxiety, depression, etc.  Even “basic” psychiatry doctors have different approaches and different levels of education in very specific areas.  Family doctors are internists… they didn’t study psychiatry, so they just match symptoms to drugs.  So get some recommendations or do a little research to find a true expert in the field.

    Consider “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy”.  Find an expert with that.  While drugs may take a while to work, having behavior modifications to employ (and have someone who can support you there) can help when you feel derailed.


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    There’s something wrong with this page bc it keeps crashing. I totally understand your frustration you are not alone with this problem. The clinic I have been attending for the last 12 years no longer employs skilled psychiatric nurses who specialize in adhd meds (just learned this recently).  I somehow picked the wrong insurance provider (aetna) who sucks btw, don’t ever choose them. Aetna won’t supply my medication, vyvanse. Bc it’s a behavioral medication and is viewed as a less than serious health disorder.. That’s another topic tho..
    The ‘nurse’ who writes my Rx’s for vyvanse currently, knows very little about adhd… In fact I am more aware of adhd and the medications that are commonly prescribed for it than she does.. Of course she’s 20 yrs younger than me.. So I understand your frustration and wanting to pull your hair out at times- no sense in making yourself bald and adding another problem right?
    Go search for a new practitioner either a psychiatric nurse who knows adhd medications or a doctor who specializes in mental health disorders specifically adhd. Seeing a nurse will mean a lower co pay on your insurance. I have my appointment with the pseudo nurse in half an hour.. I also had to explain to her at the last visit how to complete the application for the patient assistance program through Shire the pharma co that makes vyvanse.
    In the meantime the staff seem to treat me as I’m an addict, even required me to take a pee test (at my expense) before they would prescribe any sched 4 medication. I like you am someone who just wants to better my life and live up to my potential even if that means taking a medication to get me there.. A BIG difference between that and some street junkie trying to game the medical system for profit. We deserve to be seen by competent qualified doctors who truly want to be our partner in treatment.. Find another doctor and when you do tell the dope who you are currently seeing how you felt and why he would be better off referring you to someone qualified rather than wasting your time.
    Good luck!


    Patte Rosebank
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    @Deertick (and anyone else who’s experiencing problems with the site), please send an e-mail to customersupport@totallyadd.com. Describe the problem, what you were trying to do, and which browser you’re using.

    If you just post about it in the Forums, it can take a long time for them to find it.


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    I agree with everyone here. You need to find a doc that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of  adult ADHD – not child ADHD, not teen ADHD… Adult ADHD. Our needs are different. We have learned behaviors that mask ADD.

    I think you need to find an advocate. I have my wife, who goes to all my appointments. She and I talk about questions we want to ask, things we want to work through, and she keeps me on track before during and after the meetings.

    An advocate could be a close friend, a relative, spouse – somebody who can help you and has an interest in your well being. This is the person who will make sure your questions are not only asked, but make sure they are answered satisfactorily. Advocates are the third party observer that can tell you if the meds have any affect or not, from an outside perspective. They can tell if a doctor is BS’ing you and call them on it.

    Doctors are trained to “know it all”, but they really don’t. I got lucky and found a doc that may not know all the answers, but knows where to look for them. “I don’t know” being a perfectly good response to my questions. It just means we all do some homework.

    Medications are individual. Docs have to understand that. Some of them do understand, some of them need a little encouragement.  They do have their favorites, and you and your advocate can research other medications that work well. Adderall is mine. It may make your skin crawl and give you sleepless nights. Wellbutrin… well let’s just say it was a failed experiment on me and leave it at that. It works great for a vast number of people on this forum.

    Advocates will help you be persistent. Persistence is one of our weak areas. You are going to need persistence to get the treatment you need, not the treatment they want to give. Advocates can help you nudge your doc into giving you the treatment you need. Be it drugs, counseling, or coaching, or all three.

    At the end of the day, the medical profession are just like any other. If they can get you out the door quickly and efficiently, great. You and the advocate, just make sure “quickly and efficiently” is on your terms not theirs. The squeaky wheel gets oiled. Keep squeaking, until you get your “oil”.

    Hope this helps.




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    This thread looks very familiar….I think I already typed up a reply to your post. But I must not have posted it for some reason.

    I have major problems with my doctor. Too many to list. And changing isn’t really an option since most doctors where I live won’t take a patient who already has a doctor.

    I don’t know where you’re at  now, but a couple of things come to mind.

    First, you will still have bad days with the medication. Especially when you are under a lot of stress, like writing finals. So you need to have a balanced system which includes other things beyond medication. Relaxation techniques to relieve anxiety and making sure you are eating well and staying hydrated will help. Exercise and getting a good night’s sleep are also important.

    Second, another possibility with medication might be to combine a sustained release med like Concerta with an instant release “booster”. I know some people do that. But like the others have suggested, you should try to see someone who specializes in ADHD if you can. They will have a better knowledge of how the medications work and what might be best for you.

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