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PLZ can anyone help :)

PLZ can anyone help :)2010-04-18T10:54:56+00:00

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    hiya im Emm, im 20 yrs old and im nown as been very hyperactive and always on the go, ive been told im dislexic from college but they thought i may have ADHD aswell, i really struggle to consontrate and i daydream a lot, ive had to stop eating skittles because they were making me bounce of the walls but relised it wasnt just the skittles its was cola aswell, so dont really drink that anymore ether, i try my best to keeep on a task but its very diffacult, i got a part time job at a kennels which i love so m not just sitting down at a desk which is sooooo boring, i love chatting to people but i find that i can be quite lively and sometimes in people face a little to much, which i dont mean too.

    my hyperactivty i dont really mind but i find that i trip up a lot and always bumping into things which doesnt help that i got problems with my cooridination aswell. lol

    im not sure if any of this is leading up to ADHD but im a lot like my friend who has it so who noes

    thanks for reading i tryed to put the inportant things in



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    Hi Emm. Sounds to me like you have found the perfect job for yourself at the kennel, looking after pets. Also sounds like you’re not sure if you have ADHD. If you haven’t already done so, check the virtual doctor test on this site (click on Tools to the left – you’ll find it there).

    This isn’t an exhaustive test but it will give you a good idea. If you score high on it, then there’s a chance you do have ADHD, in which case you should probably get your doctor to send you to an ADHD clinic to get assessed. If it turns out you are, there are coping mechanisms and some excellent medicine to assist you. Nothing that will make you into a zombie though, or make you any less than the person you are.

    Good luck!


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    The best advice I ever got from my other was, “Find a career where you are doing what you love, and you will never ‘WORK’ a day in your life.”

    Surveys show that what makes people happy in their jobs are their coworkers, a sense of contributing, and it being a match for their beliefs and skills. Money is secondary. But as successful people have proven again and again, when you do what you love, it’s so much fun that you stick with it, work hard, strive to improve, and actually do get very good because it’s what you love and what suits your brain style. All of which leads to financial success.

    As Mom also said, “Do what you love and the money will follow.”


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    From the dyslexia and the bumping about it sounds like you may have some spatial awareness issues as well, or perhaps it is coordination problems as you suspect. Do you get turned about quite easily? That’s a pretty clear sign of problems with spatial awareness. I have a professor who is constantly saying things like “Your other left, Jay dear.” when we are walking down hallways and whatnot because I have similar problems.

    As far as careers go, the kennel does indeed sound splendid for you. It’s a job that is never the same way twice. I find dynamic environments which involve a lot of interaction can be perfect for ADHD. Just be mindful that you don’t get in people’s faces too much, especially since you are worried about it. :) Just periodically check in on yourself and ask “is this too far?” I do this quite a bit as well and I feel it really helps because while I may have already stepped over the line a bit I haven’t gone too far and I can reel myself back in. :P

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