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    I was just viewing some of the videos on this site, and at the end of the “Paper Snowflakes” video, Dr J points out that ADD’ers really appreciate positive feedback, but we rarely get it.

    A friend of mine has words around his house, artisticly displayed that remind him of things he wants to do like “Laugh, Enjoy, etc” I was thinking – that would be a great idea – to put some positive feedback around my home that I never get to hear…

    So I’m trying to think of what are the things we rarely get to hear… Like: “Great Job” or “Oh good, you’re early!” or something like that. I’m laughing at myself while I’m doing this – it seems absurd – yet cool maybe.

    What do you think? What are the POSITIVE things we don’t get to hear? I think I would feel good just reading them on this thread – maybe it would be motivating. Can anybody help me out? (Not sarcastic, but for real, or at least funny :) )

    Great Job Everybody – You are so organized today!! Thanks!! You Rock!!


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    Good idea, and yes, we don’t hear the positives often. Maybe though we do and just focus or register the overwhelming amount of negative?

    I’ve been told my sunny disposition was irritating so it is very hard to please everyone for sure. I recall three years ago my boss asking me “not to change but to try not to laugh during meetings”, so I alter my impulsiveness and definitely my laughter during business hours in front of others. My suggestion is to be generous to others with those compliments and hopefully it comes back to you in some form of appreciation for your efforts. I am a “thank you” freak and tell most everyone they are doing a good job in my daily routine, i.e. the coffe shop, my lunch haunts, the dry cleaner, and so on. My assitant thinks she walks on water, although far from, but it certainly improves her response time and quality of work by acknowledging her in a positive way. For me personally, I have a tiny recordable bear that my sister recorded a message and I play it when I need a mood bump. Also at a family gathering I had my favorite people record the vioces stating the time with a funny message and it is a loving reminder some one out there believes in you.

    So Munchkin GOOD JOB for the request and creating a positive stream! It was a good idea.


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    How about, “You look great today! I really appreciate how much effort you put into looking nice. You can really tell!”

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