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Post medication/Treatment – Anyone find themselves overly emotional?

Post medication/Treatment – Anyone find themselves overly emotional?2010-12-21T23:25:36+00:00

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    Its week four of my medication and I am finding now a strange side effect if you would like to call it that.

    I am finding that I have a lot more access to my feelings and emotions. Before treatment my wife would often ask me questions like, “What are you feeling?”

    “What were you thinking?”

    “Why are you angry about X ?”

    “Why do you not want to talk about X?”

    To which I would always reply, very truthfully,

    “I don’t, know.”

    I really had a seriously difficult time connecting feelings with reactions in my head, I would just pour out frustration, or any other strong emotion that surfaced with little to no filters.

    I noticed last week that my wife asked me the “What are you feeling?” question, and all of a sudden emotions poured out, like I could finally connect the dots from feelings to actions to reactions. I could actually communicate clearly what I was feeling at the moment, I think for a first time. I think the other thing is that my emotions would always flash from elation to depression and back again, I had no shades in between.

    Just some strange stuff anyone else out there with similar experiences?


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    I think with the meds working, your emotions are coming more into focus along with everything else!


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    Am not feeling overly emotional, JamesM, but I can certainly relate to the increased communication part of what you’ve said. My thoughts and memories are more accessable after weeks of taking medication.

    My daughter (17) was diagnosed w/ ADD in November about 10 days before I was (reading up on ADD to learn about her condition was an Ah-ha moment for me). While we’ve always communicated well, when it came to answers to her questions about my childhood or family, I didn’t have much to give. The answers were short not because I didn’t want to talk but rather I just didn’t have thoughts to express.

    We’ve both been taking medication for a month+ now and we’re chatting up a storm in a very spontaneous and pleasing way. Talks include my childhood and growing up, answers to questions she has about her childhood and her dad (my ex), a variety of concepts and ideas that we are interested in and usually don’t chat with each other about, and more. It’s quite wonderful to remember things about my life that my daughter has an interest in hearing about and then being able to communicate them.

    Life is sweet.


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    It’s hard to say whether I’m more in touch with my feelings or not, but treatment with adderall has really improved my social skills and I’m much more happy now than I’ve ever been. I used to get so depressed about my social status and inability to follow conversations and my confidence was really low, but now it has zoomed.

    One thing I noticed though, is that once I realized that I had ADD, something that I realized from reading a book about it, I cried for a week and sat down and wrote an 8 page life story of events that I realized fit into the ADD profile and it was amazing to me, b/c I had formerly thought of all these symptoms as being diverse and not having much relation to each other, but then it all fell into place and it was such an emotional time for me. The man I was married to thought I’d lost my marbles and was ashamed of me though later he thought the adderall made quite an improvement in me emotionally.


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    I have always been a bit of a motor mouth, but now iam talking even more about my feelings and i have always had my feeling hurt very easly. so now for my family it is hard . they get so tyiered of hearing about my feelings. but this is who i an i have always talked freely about my feeling when i felt i could.i geuss that why i have always had an easyer time making girl friends then friends with the guys. i have never cared if the women were married because i was just trying to be a friend we talked and i would lisen. it has never been just trying to sleep with them. i will tell you the truth i don’t see alot of them very often, but when i do it brings great joy seeing them when i do. i was no great catch, a short little fat guy with not alot of money or brains. it’s all good life goes on.


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    I am feeling overly emotional right now. I was just reading a book that was kind of sad and now I’m thoroughly miserable. It started with the book but then just sort of spilled over and I started thinking about all the things in my life that make it miserable. But the thing that I am most miserable about is having no one I can talk to about how miserable I am.  Or just sit with me while I don’t talk about how miserable I am. No one who would understand.

    I don’t know if this is medication related or not. It’s a fairly common occurrence for me. Most of the time I struggle with accessing my emotions like the other posters here have said. But every now and then it’s like the flood gates open and I just start to feel uncontrollably. But often I still can’t really put a finger on where it is all coming from. Which makes the problem of not having an understanding shoulder to cry on even worse.

    Oh, and my thanks to the spammer who dug up this old thread at just the right time. 🙂

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