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Prescribed Adderall XR and IF SOO CONFUSED

Prescribed Adderall XR and IF SOO CONFUSED2012-05-15T08:53:46+00:00

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    So after 15 years of being not medicated I decided to go have a talk with the doctor. I told him i wanted nothing to do with ritlan right off the bat. he prescribed me with Adderall XR, then asked me if i had long work days (which I do) 10 hour work days plus whatever else is going on sometimes longer. then gave me a script for Adderall IR (both generics)

    leave this to my ADD but im not sure how I’m really supposed to take this stuff. Like both bottles says 1 to 2 tablets by mouth both are 10mgs.

    I thought maybe he meant like i used to take Ritalin which was Fast upon waking, then i would take time release as i headed out the door to school and more fast when i got home .

    heres the thing. the fast acting… i dont know it comes on strong, and i get the tightening in the chest plus i notice my uncontrollable urge to shake my leg ( a normal habit of mine) gets worse.

    I’ve been taking the IR when the XR wears off but honestly i’m at loss because my system doesn’t seem to agree with the IR stuff. Does anyone else flip flop between the two of them like this? I’m only nerves about the the whole thing because I had terrible experience with ritlan as a child and do not want to over do it, I’m trying to be as least aggressive about this as possible.

    10mgs of the XR seems to do nothing but 20mgs of XR seems to have some effect, actually I’ve noticed myself being able to retrieve information from my memory better as well as much clear thinking.


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    Call your doctor and ask he/she. We’d be guessing at what your doctor was thinking when he wrote the prescription.

    That said Adderall XR should get you through most of the day, and after it begins to wear off you may want to take a second smaller dose to keep focus while you complete a long work day. My doc had me on that regimen but I’ve learned what works for me is just the Adderall XR dose, and no additional pills at all. I have no clue what doses he’s given you and/or for what , and for time-based applications.

    I stress this is just me, though, and you’re likely going to be different. Jim

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