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Prescription process pain in the butt – USA

Prescription process pain in the butt – USA2014-02-06T10:52:35+00:00

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    I fill my script at Walmart. I’ve never realized (paid attention) to the fact that not only do I have to show ID to pickup my meds (totally makes sense) but I also have to show my ID to just drop off the prescription in the first place. ?! What sense does that make?

    I asked the pharmacist and she told me it was because it was a C2 drug. Well, sure. But why to drop off? Completely silly.

    Is this just Wal-mart or is this FDA/DEA regs?

    Also, in the name of sharing information-without insurance kicking in yet, it cost $208.00 for 1 month – Vyvanse 40mg


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    I had to do that the first few times. After a while, the pharmacist recognized me and I no longer have to show ID. I don’t know if it is a reg. I like it. At least they are trying to secure some of these meds.

    If you are curious, you can always ask them. I am constantly asking people questions. Inquiring minds and all of that. Sometimes I ask too many questions, and I get a polite thump or hand squeeze from my wife. It’s an AS thing.


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    Not sure on why Walt-mart does that.I go to Kroger to get my meds and all they ask is your name and birthday.

    Idk if this is all insurance but when it kicks in doesn’t it make vyvanse go down to like around 30 dollars?

    The pain in the ass thing about the vyvanse is more of having to call the doctor to write down the prescription.Then either drive to the doctors office or have them mail it and wait.Then there can be chances of them not writing it down or forgetting.Then once u get it take it to kroger,wal-mart,ect.I’ve had the women not even write down to mail me the prescription for it and i had to go 2 days without vyvanse.It wasnt to bad just was a little more irritable,really hard to focus,and would snap easily.So lesson learned you must keep calling and asking them if they sent it in the mail.


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    They just started making people show ID to pick up narcotics at the Walmart here a couple of years ago. The first time I had to do it was when I was picking up some painkillers for my dad. But there is no need to show ID when dropping off. At least not for me but they know me well.

    I always have had to answer some sort of security question to get my meds, birthday or address, since the time when they got me and my sister-in-law mixed up. I think it’s become routine for everyone now. But again, in my case, they know me well, so it’s just a formality. Sometimes when I am picking up for my mom one of the assistants will see me in line and just grab my stuff and hand it to me so I don’t have to wait.

    I tried to get my Vyvanse filled yesterday but I couldn’t because it was 2 days early. When I complained I found out that it’s not the pharmacy, it’s because my doctor specified that it is to be filled every 30 days. The girl I talked to suggested that I ask him to make it 25 days instead so there is a little flexibility. It’s a real pain in the posterior to have to go on a specific day each month.

    As for cost, $98 for one month at 20mg.


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    I agree it’s good to try to control them, that’s why you absolutely should have to show ID to pick it up. Just doesn’t make sense on the drop-off. I have a feeling it’s a pharmacy specific thing.

    As for Wal-mart. I really hate them. I need to move my script somewhere else, but it’s right by my house and I have a hard enough time getting it filled as is. I called doc 2 weeks ago, took me a week to actually go get the paper, then it sat in the front seat of my car for another week before I finally took to the pharmacy.

    Depends on the insurance plan. I have a very high deductible plan so it pays very little until I hit the limit, then it pays nearly all.(after jumping through the pre-approval process for controlled med hoops)  It sounds harsh, but it’s a good deal if you’re in relatively good health and don’t need to see a doc very often.



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