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Proper Diagnosis

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    For the last 5 years of my young adulthood I am struggling with as many therapists and doctors described an “atypical emotional disorder.” But it feels like a roller coaster of bad stuff since I was 12, like bullying, failing in school , relationships and university with also some bright exceptions of success.

    In adulthood after many years of personal effort and therapy I started to compose an environment of people, thought patterns and situations around me only to feel that there is an invisible barrier that prohibits me to grasp and actually implement these chances. A barrier that transcends my perception.

    This is something new, for the first time I felt that I really did all my part , I met the right people, the right girl and I had the right job opportunities all with my initiatives ,yet everything fell apart extremely easy. I felt for the first time that beside the situational and emotional problems there are actual problems of practicality in thought.

    There is an actual problem getting from just from point A. to B. repeatedly and then the puzzle starts to fall apart. In the process of getting to point B. I am scattered in a hundred places.

    So I re-discovered ADHD and I identified with a lot of the descriptions. I also learned that 1 out of 3 people who have an emotional disorder might also have ADHD.

    Some actual examples which I can describe are difficulty tuning in a lot of conversations, thinking a lot of things or bad things when it is time to get intimate. Extreme difficulty in concentrating when reading, to do projects, extreme difficulty in driving. It is weird, it feels like I have the skills to do these things but the procedure is completely unregulated.

    So I would like to know how can I have the most accurate diagnosis. Also does everyone else can identify with these descriptions?

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