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    Read and article in ‘Scientific America’ 2009 about brain drugs for the future and that they will be more common. I asked my doctor about the drugs and if it would help me with my poor concentration/day dreaming and he asked me if I wanted to be evaluated for possible prescription treatment for ADD. I got a referral to Community Psychiatry Associates and was told they do not do ADHD evaluations any more and refereed me to a psychologist for 40 weeks of counseling.

    What I got from the CPA is that they would help me if I was suicidal, but that ADHD was not a “real” disorder. Even my partner thinks I just need “time management” books, but of course I have not read them because I can never focus on finishing the reading, nor start.

    At 48, I lost my way in a graphics career and seeming stuck in retail P/T.


    Post count: 14413

    Hi Lollee!

    I am sorry you had that experience/are having that experience.

    Your Doctor was open, understood that ADHD is REAL and referred you to a group of Psychiatrists who were to evaluate you for ADHD and treatment for it. It seems as if the best option now is to either:

    1. Call/return to your Doctor and request another referral.

    2. Do some research, find a friend or look up on CHADD’s website reputable Psychiatrists in your area who do good evaluations for ADHD and medication.

    Don’t listen to under educated people who tell you that ADHD does not exist. It does. There is research, brain scans and a DSM 1V diagnosis to prove it. Not to mention the tons of posts on THIS SITE ALONE of people that don’t know each other who all share similar experiences and symptoms.

    I wish you a qualified Psychiatrist who recognizes the truth of the existence of ADHD and some answers for your own challenges soon:)

    Keep trying!

    I am finally being treated for my ADHD because of my son’s diagnosis.

    It has been beneficial!

    With warmth and good thoughts for the future.


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    Yes it exists. Ask my wife . She’s the one who sugested I had ADHD and needed help. I was diagnosed and on medication.

    We have our GOLDEN YEARS now.

    Find a good Psychiatrist who is in the field. No one can see in your mind..

    My old boss served in the army and then went back to college. In a couse he was having to take a professor said that things a person does not see don’t exist. His reply “so if I have a baseball bat in my hands and you have your back to me. And I swing and hit you it won’t hurt cause the bat doesn’t exist”–

    Prfofessor never bothered him again–he got the “A”

    Good luck

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