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    I attended Dr. Jain’s talk on ADHD in Newmarket.

    I was forwarded some studies and a presentation that were given at an ADHD support group meeting in Calgary on “Q96”, a vitamin supplement. My sister was at the meeting and said it was a bit of a hard-sell, even advocating stopping medications including antipsychotics.

    I was looking to forward the presentation for an expert opinion!


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    I can’t offer an expert opinion, but…
    When you do a search of Q96, you get pages of sites promoting it. That’s almost always a bad sign. It means reliable unbiased opinions are pushed wa-a-ay back in the search results. And that’s the point. When you don’t see a review from WebMD or the NIH or some other site you recognize on the first few pages, your antennae should go up.


    Patte Rosebank
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    @Wgreen, very well-said!

    @Georgia, you’re a doctor, so you already know this, but for anyone who isn’t in the medical profession…

    It’s also a bad sign when the promoters of that product are claiming that it is a “cure”, and a replacement for legitimate treatments for very serious and IN-curable medical conditions…despite the insertion of the FDA-mandated disclaimer, “This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any medical condition“.

    Non-compliance with prescribed medication is a huge issue in treating mental conditions.

    Inadvertent non-compliance (forgetfulness, losing the meds, can’t afford them) is one thing.  Deliberate non-compliance (selling/trading meds, stopping due to feeling they’re not working, stopping due to feeling you no longer need them) is another.

    Deliberate non-compliance because some huckster convinces you that his “alternative”, “natural” product is “better” and “safer” than the legitimate medications you’re currently on, is a whole other level of dangerousness.  Not least, because the huckster can’t give you the level of medical supervision that is required for the treatment of any chronic medical condition, and particularly for a serious mental condition.

    While there is evidence that adding certain supplements and routines to your existing treatment plan CAN improve your functioning, the key-words are “adding” and “can improve”.

    And, of course, you must discuss any changes you’re considering, with your doctor, first.  Many meds are dangerous if stopped suddenly.  Many supplements & substances can interact badly with your meds.  Even something as benign & natural as grapefruit is dangerous in combination with certain medications—85 of them, so far!

    There are some videos about questionable cures, in the Videos section.  Here’s one of them: http://totallyadd.com/all-natural-no-additives/


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