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Quillivant XR and unbelievable rage

Quillivant XR and unbelievable rage2015-03-16T22:13:11+00:00

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    I switched from Vyvanse to Quillivant XR because I had anger/rage issues when coming down from Vyvanse. Anger has always been a problem for me for as long as I remember it has just gotten worse in my adult years and with dealing with my adhd and medication. Quillivant XR makes me more focused and motivated in the day but by evening I turn into a total monster. I scream and yell and swear at everything and everyone in my path. In your experience, could this be a dosing problem? Medication problem? I cannot see my doctor for another 3 weeks because he is so booked up and i’m just asking for advise. Does anyone else have rage issues on or off medication and if ON medication, what do/did you take and how did it work. Right now, besides the adhd symptoms, the rage is ruining my life! It seems like adhd medication is not doing anything to help or hinder.


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    I don’t think that you should expect ADHD meds to help with rage, but not certain as I’m only into meds for about 2 months now.

    There is evidence that depression, anxiety, and oppositional defiance disorder (among other “disorders”) are common in us folks with ADHD. It seems like the dog chasing its tail – ADHD people can actually set themselves up for failure because of our internal expectations can’t be met. So we need to address both or all issues. I was told by my ADHD shrink that they normally want to address any side issues before the ADHD with medication, for me it was getting my anxiety under control. Perhaps there are some other issues that are popping up now for you because of the medication – windows to the soul.

    It’s like that game at the fair, Wack-A-Mole…..you need to know what is causing the rage (those buttons) and then you gotta jump on the issues before the rage, find your pause button, and get to another place.

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    I’ve never used Quillivant (methylphenidate, like Ritalin), but some anti-ADD and anti-depressant meds do that to my husband. He takes two things to counteract the rage: lamotrigine (Lamictal), a mood stabilizer, and fluoxetine (Prozac), an SSRI antidepressant. The fluoxetine is the more useful; the lamotrigine keeps him active in spite of the fluoxetine! Depending on where you are, lamotrigine might be difficult to get, because this would be an off-label(not approved by the powers that be) use of it.

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