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Quit or get fired?

Quit or get fired?2015-11-04T19:32:15+00:00

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    It has not come to this yet where I work, but may eventually. I have always been told- never quit until you have another job. But what if you plan on starting your own company? Is it better to stay until fired and use the unemployment money to start the business, or is it better to resign and then have one less termination on your job record so that your new business has a good reputation?


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    I too quit the rat race of waking up, shower-shave, go to work, work, go home, and go to sleep. Just to do it all over again.

    Starting your own business is a great thing, but don’t quit your day job, until that business can support you. If you get fired, laid off, downsized, or what ever, before you are ready, you have a fall back, while you look for your next gig.

    Remember, it is not enough your business can pay it’s bills, it has to pay for yours as well, plus health care and retirement and everything.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)