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Realistic Expectations

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    So at 60 years old, never having been married, currently filing for bankruptcy, and hanging on barely to my part-time job, what can I realistically expect for the next 20 years? Diagnosed about 5 years ago, taking some medication, reading as much as I can. Had 2 miserable experiences with coaches.

    Alone for the most part. Desperate. And yet—grateful for my health and all the people and friends and family who stood by me and tried to help. So Patrick has this great wife. It’s really rare. I had my chances. Many times. But I never felt right about myself to follow through.

    I believe in God and know He wants something from me. I just don’t know the next step.

    How can I even begin to keep my meds without insurance? And who offers ADD coaching to financially imporverished people?

    I can’t give up but …..this is nuts!


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    If you live in the states, and have a proper diagnosis, you might check with your state’s vocational rehabilitation agency….it IS, after all, a medical condition. They help folks with all sorts of ‘handicaps’, etc. get into jobs that fit them.

    Around here there’s also the mental health folks who might be able to help out. Hey, if you were starving you’d get into a food line, right?

    Use any “safety nets” that are out there – we’ve all bought and paid for them, what better use than someone who truly needs them, and is trying?

    No, you can’t give up! Geesh, everyone with ADD or AD/HD has a positive side –

    I’m 53 and just now realizing, gee, you mean this isn’t like everyone??

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