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really need the help of Dr. J!!!!!

really need the help of Dr. J!!!!!2012-02-28T03:24:09+00:00

The Forums Forums Ask The Community really need the help of Dr. J!!!!!

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    Dear Dr. J,

    I am in a quite unique situation in regards to where I am at with my medication/add treatment and I am noticing my life falling apart. I am 20 year old university student, in my 3rd year of university I started noticing some issues with concentration, memory, energy and organization. At the end of the term I visited my GP after self diagnosing myself with my ADHD. He told me that I could go on a trial run of meds or visit a psychologist, I choose the medication and was placed on 10 mg of XR Adderall. I also asked the doc if it could be due to an issue with my vitamin levels and I got a blood requisition form. 3 weeks within my treatment of adderall, I got a call from the docs office and it turned out I was B12 deficient it was around 118, I am pretty sure the units were pmol/l. I was asked to take 1000 micrograms of b12 daily for 3 months. Anyways, I ended up continuing the adderall treatment as it was benefiting me at the time and I just had minor issues with insomnia and appetite, I just used over the counter sleeping pills to help with that issue. I was also studying for a major examination and didn’t want to deal with withdrawl issues. After approximately 3 months, I started having prostate issues (swelling) and was put on the generic form of ritalin 20 mg SR, it was a nice change at first because I could fall asleep without using the sleeping pills. At the end of the summer I decided that I wanted to give up medication all together after completing my examination; however I was noticing I was really having some issues with my concentration and couldn’t foucs. I decided to take a ritalin pill one of the days to get myself through the day and I started feeling very anxious and couldn’t concentrate any better. I ended up getting terrible nightmares the days I would take ritalin and I visited a doctor in my student health clinic and he told me that I could quit the medication cold turkey because the dosage was so low; however after attempting this I consistently failed at getting work done. At this point I was getting very anxious and decided to pull out of a couple of courses. I went cold turkey for 3 months; after taking those low dosages of medication for about 4.5 months. I had the usual withdrawal effects, but I read online the chemical dependency is supposed to leave after 30 days?

    I am in my 2nd term now and was noticing in the beginning that I had a lot of issues staying awake and focusing motivation, but I was getting my work done on time. Nevertheless, I decided to visit a psychologist and did the adhd assessment, I got diagnosed with a slight form of the inattentive subtype. The psychologist said my old report cards were indicative of my concentration issues, as the teachers said I had trouble staying on task, distracting others. Nevertheless, I am bit worried that I might have been diagnosed with adhd because I was still in the withdrawal phase. I recently started getting pressure in my heads and a foggy headed feeling. I visited the doctor at the student health clinic and decided to go on 20 mg of vvyanese regardless to make it through the term, I’ve only been on it for 4 days, but I am noticing some issues with my prostate again, but not as severe. Is it a good idea to stay on it? My other fear is I’ve completely altered my brain from my past use during the summer, is this a possibility? Or is it all in my head and that 3 months is more than a long enough recovery period for my low dosage and short duration on the medication. Thanks again


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    This looks like it might be a thread I can post my request for help on. It might get newboy some help too. I’m hoping we both get some help with these ADHD related struggles. Thinking about looking at old report cards gives me the creeps. I don’t think I want to ever know what they said. yikes!

    Here’s my thing I started writing last night.

    Medication, sleeplessness, and plain ol discipline.

    I have a new theory about not sleeping. My spasm meds and pain meds, are they making me more hyper?. If uppers mellow me out. Do downers hyper me up?. Where beside my pharmacist or psychiatrist might I find this some answers?, Do you guys know?, Maybe Dr. Jain?

    I take less than half the pain and spasm meds I had taken 10 or 12 years ago. I’ve cut back as much as is humane-ly possible. It would be in-humane for me to think I could be functional while having severe neuropathic pain. I’ve been nearly obsessed with taking less medication for obvious human being reasons. And even more so because of the reactions of even my closest friends can sometimes have when I tell them all the facts about the medication I take, n why, they don’t even know the first thing about the medications themselves, or the amount, it’s ignorance. That forgivable. We’re all a little bit ignorant. It’s especially difficult at church if I make the mistake of talking about this with the wrong person. I don’t do that any more. There are few friends that I do feel okay talking to. None with answers.

    I’m sure, just because of the ages of people in this community, that I’m not the only person in pain. Or, who takes pain medicine. I don’t think it’s ever wise to be specific about any medication. There are few exceptions. I talk about how well the generic ritalin has helped me. I think it’s good to point out that even such a low dose has helped me much more than I expected. Medications affect us all differently. That’s why smoking pot is just not an option. Nowadays, pot is kinda like wine. The varieties are endless. The number of cannabinoid combinations make it impossible to regulate. I just found this http://www.clinicalcorrelations.org/?p=2877 while looking up the spelling of cannabiniod… It’s difficult reading tonight. My stomach is nowhere near as bad as the cases in this link. But it might be a clue. I gobbled up a 32 oz tub of yogurt but forgot to put in the probiotics I usually add last night. My belly’s been doing great lately. Just hurts at about a level 3 as I write, I probably just can’t have dinners like last nights any more… duh!

    So I’m looking for advice on narcotic medications, and if they might be some part of the big picture of me not being able to sleep at night. I think the key has something to do with how difficult it is to get out of bed when I wake up, That’s not the medication. That’s always been a problem, forever. I also struggle turning the TV off. It might be as simple as getting up at the same time no matter what. And turning off the tv at a specific time always. I’ve never had any success with sleeping medication, I’ve tried one prescription medication, no help, just made me grouchy, almost 2 years ago. More medication/pills, or herbs etc is not what I’m hoping to find. I’ve tried melotonin, and triptophane many years ago. There’s a nice big turkey breast in my oven, my apartment smells like thanksgiving. But I’ll only sleep well tonight with that. That was last night, I never finished this. Slept good. :-) I might be making this harder than it really is, but it’s my oldest problem.

    There’s only one day of the week that I have somewhere I really want to be at 9:30 am. I’m thinking of giving that up. That feels like defeat. I would lose some of the best educational quality time with people who have been friends for the longest where I have lived for the last 7 years. It’s extremely rare for any friends, even if they’re at church. To still be friends with me after knowing me more than 2 or 3 years. But it’s church. People have to act a certain way, our culture hold people in churches to a much higher standard. But even with ADHD, some body language is undeniable, I notice me not quite fitting in. I barely fit with these Sunday morning friends, I might be wrong. I’ll never really know. I’ve had many hospital stays, n surgeries during the last 4 years, and this group. The people at this church are ones who’s faith I believed in before my own faith came back up to normal. All my life, I’ve learned the same lesson over and over. All I have is God to depend on in the end. Christians are Human beings first. Christians second. And we’re all hypocrites, that comes with being human. Some more than others. Human nature. That’s easy enough to accept. In my experience God does all his work though people. Even when they don’t believe in Him. He’s God, He’s in charge. That’s what I believe. You don’t have to. I ain’t here selling nothing. Just giving your guys some relevant info to work with. I just want to get up early more often. Get to be early more often. I want that a lot.

    I also need to work within the limits my brand of ADHD imposes. Mornings, or whatever time I wake up, n eventually get up are never easy. Impossible to explain.

    I’m a night person, most of the work I do in my community happens after the majority of the world gets home from work. By then, I’m ready for my day. I was on my way home from work as a line chef the night I got injured. I may just have to accept that I’m sorta nocturnal. But that can’t be the solution. Too simple, and too limiting. Too much freedom lost. I’m kinda like a cat… ***snickers a little***

    I need to make a decision, maybe. Mostly, I’m asking for some other peoples experience from here. You guys are some of the only other people that I like, and trust. Most of the time if I talk about “other people” It’s inside quotation marks. Kinda my own grammar rules. What I mean by “other people” is non ADHD folks. Them, They, “Normal”, and their friends.

    Can I get a little help solving this sleep problem? is it as simple as just being more strict with myself? I haven’t used my VCR for years, not sure if I’m capable of programing it to catch all the cool stuff that comes on PBS, and a few other channels later at night. That’s work, yuk. Jus being honest. I’m working harder at being involved in this world than I have in more that 18 years. I put some real brain work into coming up with that number or years. I’ve been disconnected that long. I’d rather sleep in than deal with “other people”

    “Other people” are the people who just don’t get ADHD symptoms and have no mercy for us. Cold calculating capitalist P*&$… DGMS.

    Maybe It’s entertainment addiction. That may be the last and most difficult addiction any of us will ever face. We’re entertained by the way an ant can suddenly get lost if we drop a stick in front of it, huh?. But none of us actually do things that mean. Yep, we’re a bunch of nuts. But Nut’s are great!, very good for you. Almonds, walnuts, and peanut butter. I really like pistachios…. woops. off topic again…

    Sorry this is so long, I’ve been doing that a lot lately. Nobody’s perfect right?



    Has anyone tried this site? http://www.justanswer.com/pharmacy/6kswu-long-will-150-mil-methasone-so-opiates.html It’s advertised here at totallyadd. I didn’t look long. But I’ll be calling my pharmacy and doctor first. And checking back on this thread for some answers hopefully.


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    Tiddler posted something on the “Quick idea for getting motivated” thread two months ago about a pain med that also works for ADHD.

    “I am on pain meds for my back. I was pretty knocked out by the codeine and diazepam but today I’ve just been taking the nefopam hydrochloride.

    I’ve not had them before. could it be there’s something in them that’s making me…dare I say it…focus?!”

    She provided this link: http://www.faqs.org/patents/app/20100152152#b

    This may be useful for you Robbo.


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    Newboy, stimulant medications do not cause dependency or withdrawal in the way that you fear. After the medication in your body runs out, you may experience some side effects but they go away within a few hours and the drug is completely gone from your system afterwards. When you were assessed by the psychologist, unless you were currently taking any medication that might interfere with your concentration you have no reason to doubt that medication interfered with the accuracy of the assessment.

    I would recommend making an appointment with your family doctor to talk with them about your concerns. It would be very difficult for anyone to give you medical advice without meeting with you in person.

    Robbo, I would also recommend that you make an appointment with your GP. If it helps, write out the specific questions you have about your symptoms and your medication to take with you. When you fill your prescriptions, make sure to read the information sheet that comes with it. You should also be honest and tell your doctor about how frequently you drink or use non-prescription drugs because they can interact with your medication. Finally, your family doctor will be able to give you a lot of good information about how to help you sleep at night—after you’ve covered everything else.


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    New here, huh namaimo?

    Welcome to our madhouse.

    I had a gut feeling I should not have posted that long one up above. That’s why I didn’t post the first day I wrote it. My bad… It sux being impulsive, specially whey I’m really trying not to be.

    I’ve been taking medication for more than 15 years. I’ve had the same pain specialist, and same GP for at least 10 years, only a few before that. Thanks for the advice, I know you meant well.

    The stuff I said makes me sound like dang pot head. That’s been bothering for hours, so I decided to take a look here, see what happened. The fact is, I used to smoke some pot yep. But not tons n tons . Same with alcohol. I don’t drink at all, nor smoke pot. What ya said is always good advice nanaimo. I’m just a lil bit annoyed with some of the people in my life, so what you said kinda rubbed me the wrong way, normally I wouldn’t care. I better get going before I say some even more stupid.

    Never mind you guys.

    Love, Peace, Happiness.



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    Hi Robbo, Yup, what we mean doesn’t come out so well on the page. I’ll vouch for you though!


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    Don’t worry, Robbo, we’re all ADHD and we can’t read everything in a long post, anyway. I tend to pick out the main idea in the first paragraph and the last paragraph, unless it’s obvious that the whole thing needs to be read for context, then I’ll pick a couple more.

    We all write long winded posts, but ironically, don’t have the patience to read other people’s long posts, or heck, even our own long posts over again. We also all tend to say things here that we probably don’t really mean, or that comes off as weird and strange.

    Not to worry. If you can’t say something weird and strange here (not sure- I admittedly didn’t get through the post), where the hell can you say it???

    @Newboy- welcome. I think Nanaimo might be right. From my limited understanding, the side effects don’t last more than a few hours, with actual Adderall or Ritalyn. However, if it’s some sort of combination drug, you know, combined with some sort of depression drug (I have no idea what is out there for ADHD drugs), maybe that could be the cause of your problem. Have you thought about just talking to a pharmacist about the half-life of your meds? Also, could your anxiety be due to some other problem, as in another illness/disorder, aside from ADHD and bipolar disorder? Maybe you just need a better doctor who can sort these things out, who knows?


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    Thanks Bellamom,

    Good job on Great comments n mark for your papers on the High five corner. ***Slap***

    bak at ya :-)


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    hey robbo! from what i know, some narcotic pain meds, for example Norco(hydrocodone/APAP) and MSContin, while in many people cause a feeling of tiredness/sleepiness, in others cause a feeling of speediness and difficulty sleeping. also, many non-narcotic meds commonly prescribed to help neuropathic pain such as gabapentin/neurontin and elavil/amitriptyline cause drowsiness and difficulty getting up in the morning/morning fog. if this is the case, you can try taking these meds earlier in the eve and see if this helps the morning groggy feel and difficulty sleeping. if it doesn’t help there are other meds in the same class(es) you could try. i would suggest changing one at a time to help clear up what’s doing what. this, of course, is not medical advice…..just “if i were in your shoes, this is what i’d want to consider trying, with the approval of my personal dr” :)

    also, have you ever done or considered SCS?

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