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Recently Diagnosed – Irresponsible Psychiatrist

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    Hello All,

    Long story short- For the past +10 years the diagnosis has always been depression, anxiety. I always knew there was something more to it because I always had this feeling of incompetence, everyone else just got through things so much easier while I had to give it 150% and barely scrape through. Finally, recently in mid January 2018 i saw a psyche and he diagnosed me with ADD (inattentive kind) and prescribed Vyvanse 20mg. He advised I could increase the dosage if needed since this was the lowest dosage. He gave me 28 pills and scheduled my follow up app for April 2018. (+2 months later..) He advise Hes going on vacation all of February…and is booked up all of March, so my follow up on these 28 pills is April.

    At this point I’m completely unaware how regulated this medication is and I also thought the psychiatrist prescribed refills…

    So taking these 20mg Vyvanse, I noticed a change in my mood (No anxiety/depression, feel over all very levelled) BUT concentration wise there was no difference. SO as he allowed me, I took one more- so now im up to 40mg. They work WONDERS I feel like a brand new person – Ive started to dig myself out of this hole I was digging myself into the last couple of years. I go to the doc (walk in clinic who initially referred me to the psychiatrist) when my meds finished- and she refused to give me a refill as there were no refills prescribed. I freaked out cuz i dont understand how im supposed to get through for 2 months without these meds now..so we call the psychiatrist before he leaves for his vacation. And he authorizes a dosage increase to 40mg and gives me another month refill.

    The issue now is 40mg isnt enough either- I need 80. Nothing more nothing less. But If I even had a chance to speak to the Psychiatrist himslef I would be able to explain how I feel. However, The walk in doctor and the pharmacist have been treating me like im some kind of criminal and doing everything they can to sabotage getting refills.

    Has anyone else experienced something like this? Is ethical that the psychiatrist makes a diagnosis, no refills and schedules a follow up almost 3 months later?

    I’ve been doing soo well on these meds, I’m really anxious thinking about falling behind again at work until my next refill in April…


    That Guy with ADHD
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    Hi deedee00,

    It doesn’t sound reasonable that your doctor didn’t prescribe you with enough meds, even at 40mg, to get you to your next appointment. I know it can be a challenge to get in to see a psychiatrist. Is someone covering your psychiatrist’s patients while they are away? You may want to see them.


    AKA That Guy with ADHD

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