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Relief. I have ADD.

Relief. I have ADD.2012-09-17T03:00:39+00:00
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    I have just got through the longest two weeks of my life. I know you all understand the level of impatience that I was going through.

    But the good news is that the psychiatrist I was referred to has diagnosed me with ADD. Yes I am depressed and it is entwined with the ADD. She seemed genuinly excited and said ‘its now time to experiment!’ I could have hugged her there and then. She knew all about the inattentive subtype and said I ticked all the boxes. It sounds like I am the first person she has dealt with, with this condition. I suppose that is NZ for you – a little behind the times.

    Oh the relief. I just knew I had it – I can almost touch it.

    It was just a matter of finding the right expert – someone with an open mind.

    So she has set me up with a clinical psychologist and has applied for a course of Ritalin. Can you believe I actually have to have a police check (or something similar) before the pharmacy are allowed to give me the drug. She had to fill out a special prescription form in triplicate and another form to go to the Mnistry of Health and on to be checked on the police computers. She said there is afast way to fo this online – but this new internet thingy is above and beyond her. LOL. So she is faxing the forms today and I should get the go ahead within 7 days.

    Still impatient but I don’t care about another week. Whats 1 week of patience compared to 30 years without a disgnosis.

    Thanks for your support and advice guys! I was well prepared after getting your help.

    Did I say I was releived? LOL. Scared too.


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    Good for you.


    allan wallace
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    G’day Jules, bloody bureaucracy, eh? Is it just me, or do those dour robotic types with a tendency to worship the clipboard induce a feeling of revulsion? I don’t understand the hoops that one must jump through in order to receive medication, for if one was after ‘speed’ surely one wouldn’t have to forage around for too long to find some, eh? It’s not as if there isn’t much of it around, and the prescribed medications don’t come within a bull’s roar of the alternatives, do they? 😆

    Good luck with it all! Even though I was diagnosed about 4 years ago, it’s only been recently that I have resolved to understand the nitty gritty of it, for I’ve been too embarrassed to share the diagnosis. I haven’t even told my munchkins…just having a diagnosis doesn’t make the labyrinth of life any easier though. This is my first day on the fora, and I’ve probably already overstayed my welcome with a barrage of posts to introduce myself….no offence intended, I just feel like a kid in a toyshop! 😯


    Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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    Love that! A kid in a toy shop.

    When you suddenly realize that every aspect of your life has been impacted by this hidden saboteur, even in small ways, everything is up for grabs.

    As you start managing stuff, or even just noticing that you’re getting frustrated or confused or overwhelmed, you have more choices. More power.

    When you start doing stuff you could never do before… suddenly everything is up for grabs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)