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Risky Behavior

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    Hi all!

    Just wondered what kinds of risky behavior/pushing the envelope has everyone done?

    I am impulsively/compulsively drawn to risky situations and have a very hard time holding those wild horses back.

    It has nothing to do with drugs, alcohol or addictions but more of a thrill-seeking thing..to ease the boredom of everyday life.

    One of my main impulses is to run away! My first thought is always to run away when things aren’t going good. Also when they are going really good, I want to run away and join the circus, too!

    I’ve always had the impulse to run away and have adventures, even as a small child. I was about 5 years old one morning when I got up before the rest of my family, looked out at the beautiful summer morning and was filled with the rapturous thought that today was going to be the day I left home to start my adventure!

    I figured that I needed to take something with me, so I got my pillow and tried to put it in a paper bag. After trying to squish the pillow in a paper bag a few times, I got frustrated and walked away from the whole thing!

    Funny thing..it was the ADHD that gave me the thought to go, but it was also ADHD that saved my bacon by making me easily frustrated and walked away from the leaving home idea.


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    hi MERRYMAC , funny that you would bring this up. I think we get tierd of the same old same old every day. I spend alot of time thinking obout some of my old my friends woukd spend driving around drinking and getting high. then I have to tell myself I am a big kid now and I have to behave. I know alot of those people would be just happy to see me. I think my wife would not like it and get very upset , and everyonelse will ssk me if I lost my mind including my 18 and 20 year old sons. they still don’t know how to go out and party like I used to do.some times I think they are not mine. when I say that in fun every one just ask me if I have looked at them lately. and yes they look alot like me , they just are not as outgoing as I was at that age. I guess that’s ok my mother always said I was A good kid , but i was a rotten teanagger. lol. when I get an erge to act like a young person again I tell myself that even the young people are more responsable than that now a days . then I get bissy behaving and that to will pass. I really think we all get tiered of the responcability, when we get boried, wanting to make some excitment, the sad thing is we now it wouldn’t last.

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