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Ritalin Lose effect after two days?

Ritalin Lose effect after two days?2012-11-29T17:01:58+00:00

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    I was just diagnosed with ADHD, and prescribed Ritalin 10mg twice a day.

    In the first two days I felt a night/day difference, it was like having 8 degrees of myopia without knowing, and suddenly

    wear glasses.

    Now I’m on my 7th day on Ritalin, and can’t notice any difference since the 3rd day.

    I tried take just 5mg, which didn’t had effect. I also tried take 20mg, but it makes me way too sleepy.

    Is it possible that I developed tolerance this fast?

    Am I gonna feel the same effect of the first days again?

    Here in n my country(Brazil), it’s only available Ritalin(10mg tablets),Ritalin LA, Concerta and Vyvanse , Can I expect better

    results if changing meds?

    I’m getting really frustrated about this situation, any advice?

    Thanks, and sorry for my english.


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    Yeah, mine wore off pretty quickly too, in that I lost that ‘wow’ factor after a couple of days. However, I still take the same low dose I started on as the higher dose had an unpleasant come-down. It’s not perfect but it’s better than not having it.

    I don’t take it every day. But when I do I’m definitely more able to do the stuff I usually can’t stand (like paperwork and housework) though I don’t actually feel as clear headed as I did those first days.


    Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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    I found it hard to notice the difference after a while. In my case I think it was just I had reset to a new version of normal, and then got used to it. In fact what happens is that when I’m able to handle stuff without the stress and low grade panic that marked my whole life, it felt weird, so I added more to my schedule, to get back that feeling of pressure! D’oh!

    In one of the new videos we’re working on for the Premium site, Dr. Hallowell suggests that some patients find if the medications are not working (he’s talking about the stimulants) then he has patients stop for 10 days and start again.

    But after 2 days? Ask your doctor.


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    i am from india recently found i have adhd, in the first month’s methylphenidate hcl sr 10 mgwhich was working good. then doctor increased dose to 20 mg from 10 mg. now not working.. always sleeping and fatigue not feeling energetic what shall i do shall i switch to amphetamine or should i increase ritalin dose

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