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    I have found great freedom in setting up a regular routine for my daily life. This way I have more energy to focus on the things that aren’t in my routine. Mind you, I have been blessed with an extra dose of self descipline. For example, I really try to go to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time. I try to make the coffee the night before. I start the day slowly with some meditation and a light breakfast before most people wake up. It makes me feel like I have the upper hand :-) Every other day, I work out at home. It’s great to get oxygen to the brain, not to mention stay fit. I do groceries on Monday mornings, clean and do laundry on Fridays or Saturdays, check personal email early in the evenings to try to keep up and the list goes on… I’m primarily home with my 3 year old and the sometimes lack of routine (things to do) sometimes kills me.

    I am ruthless with it comes to remembering small things like taking Cod Liver Oil (seems to be helping – worth researching), putting my keys and other important personal items in the exact same spot. Sometimes, I’m borderline neurotic about it, but I haven’t lost my keys is a very long time! I have pen and paper everywhere so that if I need to remember to do something, I jot it down. As long as I rember to then transfer this information to Outlook (life saving time manager and organizational tool) or put the sticky by the phone if the note is to call someone, etc. I’m doing great! The more things are recorded on paper or electronically, the less I need to rely on my ADD brain!

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    I hear ya!

    I have felt for a long time that the part of my nature that is ADD and “scattered” and the part of my nature that is non-conformist and creative and “spontaneous” and, occasionally, “rebellious” (“you can’t make me!!!”), are closely linked.

    My resistance to imposing (and it does feel like and “imposition”, at least at first) routines and “habits” on myself brings out the 8-year-old in me who DOES NOT WANT TO GO TO BED!!!!!

    On the plus side, I’m finding that when I develop habits that really “fit”, and that I can “agree” to, they make life SO much easier. One of the big ones is the keys – I decided on a place for them – in my “bag” – and I have only lost them a couple of times in the last 4 months – and for me, that’s ASTOUNDING. I used to spend so much time looking for them – I was often late for work as a result.

    Gotta work on some other habits – for me its about balance. I get to a point where it starts to feel like neuroses, and I get creeped out.

    As for the meditation – good on you – I would love to manage that one day, but I haven’t got there yet.

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