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RSDI questions

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    this week i received an SSDI award letter. i’m in the US, btw. i have not worked in 2 years. i have been homeless for 1 year, though i have been fortunate to keep a roof over my head and not be on the street. i will be applying for subsidized housing, though i’m open to the possibility of a mother-in-law house or the like. i am looking at still working part time, but for now, i want to follow the SSDI work rules very carefully. i see voc rehab in 2 days and i know they can help with that.

    the letter had some elements that were incredibly confusing. i won’t even begin to detail them, because i don’t want to make anyone’s head spin. fortunately, i filed my application through a professional Representative/assistant. she worked for SSA for almost 40 years and now she’s a private consultant. i’m so glad i don’t have to deal with the complications alone!

    my question(s) is, if anyone here has been through any of this process before? what advice or counsel do you have? thank you!

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